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Anyone can become an Internet success.  Just do something you like and tell the world about in in a blog.  It can be just about anything, like how you fixed your computer when it froze up.  Or blog about your visit to the doctors or having fun on a travel spot.  These kinda of online activities people love to read and Google search engines love to pick up on. Yes, Google has included content searching criteria to help people find others interests and is keeping a track of it all.  When businesses start paying for online traffic advertisments they will know where the interest is at and it is also localized as well.  Online marketing or Internet Marketing is getting very complex and the dynamics is causing the networks to automate, which means many opportunities are really performance based and will guarantee success.  Direct sales and other network marketing system will become business models of choices and becoming a movement in making money for the online communities. So for those learning about Internet Marketing or wanting to start a business online businesses check out my site for more

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