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Over the past couple years I've been experimenting with Microsoft Azure more and more and have had pretty good experiences.  I eventually plan on getting off of all of our hardware and virtualizing everything on Azure.

Although this is possible, the main drawback is latency. I'm not excited about all of our data having to travel to and fro from California. Running websites and web application is one thing, but running servers and virtual networks is another.

Does anyone out there have any first-hand, real-world experience using Azure for business use (medium sized business) in Hawaii? Is the performance degradation negligible or is it enough to make Azure a non-option?

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We've used Azure for apps but not virtual networks. Gordon Bruce from Pacxa might have some insight into the performance of Azure virtual networks in Hawaii.

If you want to keep the traffic local you might want to consider DRFortress' cloud offerings. Their President, Fred Rodi, is a TechHui member.

I would have expected as much Dan but you are a fountain of good information.

Thanks for that.

DRFortress seems to be the defacto place to go in Hawaii. If I don't hear anything compelling about Azure's performance in Hawaii, this will be the way we go. I'll reach out to Gordon and see what they have to say.

Yes, we also use Azure for web apps and have had good experiences.

Thanks again.

We are interested to hear what you conclude. Do you mind posting your findings here when you make a decision? I'm sure it would benefit other local companies.

Took a while to talk with all of the players but here is the verdict we came up with.

Some services and products may work perfectly well using Azure but dedicating all services would have a noticeable degradation in service.

We haven't decided conclusively (I'll post here when we definitely know) but we are likely to virtualize all of our servers and host them at DRFortress.

Along with this we will be changing our network from a closed RNS HawaiianTel circuit to virtualizing our network with either Cisco Meraki products or Sophos Red products. This will allow us to be ISP agnostic and still have a virtual "closed" network.

Thank you for sharing. I'm sure this will be valuable information for a number of local businesses. We look forward to hearing your final decision. 

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