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Mad Mimi (, a NYC based email app (top 2500 sites in the US according to Alexa) is hiring a unique type of individual to help in support or, as we like to think of it, a Community Therapist!

A little about Mad Mimi:
Mad Mimi sends over 40 million emails a day on behalf of 110,000 users in 30 countries.
Users include Air Canada, The Grammys, AOL, Northwestern & Duke Universities, Timbuk2 Bags, Chuck D, StumbeUpon, Addmired Inc., and Andrea Bocelli(the opera singer).

Mashable editor-in-chief says: "If Constant Contact is the Microsoft of email marketing, think of Mad Mimi as the Google of the medium." (

Down to business:
What we're looking for are people who are awesome, genuine and caring... who can design, develop*, write and communicate in an exquisite way. Mad Mimi is highly viral and it's because of the way we communicate and interact with our customers. This is not a typical customer support gig. This is something much deeper and more satisfying.

There are about 20 of us, and we *love* what we do. Seriously. It's a job low in "ick." We work remotely - that means no commute but you'll need a quiet space with solid high speed internet. And if you're wondering why Hawaii for a remote job? It's because the time zone is perfect, one of our owners lives there and the spirit of Aloha is exactly what we're looking for.

Mad Mimi is all about impeccable execution, caring communication, crazy-high technical and creative chops and the ability to figure stuff out.

Prior to being evaluated for a position at Mimi, whether part time or full time, all people who are applying will need to be extremely familiar* with the app. We do not train you how to *use* Mad Mimi, and you'd be expected to rock by yourself on learning the platform. Paid training is only for the not so obvious stuff. Just sayin'

Hmm, what else? We're a super committed, flexible, ultra hard-working team of creative people. We have almost zero change-over (a really good thing). Support is also handled by everyone inlc. lead developers and owners - so it's not like you're low in the company, but rather more of a "community therapist" who is good at a lot of different things and is interested making the folk using Mad Mimi utterly bewildered at how damn good you are at making them feel special. We give you the resources and freedom to make that easy, of course, but it's what the core of the job is about.

The nice stuff:
Great pay
Great perks
A good amount of freedom to be you
No corporate yuck
Freedom to work from anywhere
Work with good, talented people
Great product
Great users

The real-yet-satisfying stuff:
Super high-volume, high energy, high intensity environment
Not always easy to keep up, but you get the "wow, I'm on fire" feeling a lot.

Although we love you anyway, we'll love you more if you...

Always look for the best in people
Have a sense of humor
Know a design program like Photoshop
Can write beautifully
Have (a) college degree(s)
Are impeccably sociable, optimistic and creative in your online world
Are into learning hard things
Read Mashable every day
Can hit the ground running

*develop: Who are not afraid to look at lines of HTML/CSS and try to figure things out, who can build things, design things, think architecturally, creatively, build initiatives etc. This is not a must. It's a big-time plus.

**familiar: This means that we are won't be training you on things like how to create and send email, how the modules work, etc. You need to play around with Mad Mimi yourself, and basically know what's up in all areas of the free app.

Compensation: Starts at $10/hour during the training period. That period is a minimum of 80 hours, but you'll be expected to be totally rocking on the app. Then, it's $15/hour during probation/secondary training period. If you're totally rocking, compensation gets higher and higher. Compensation in the context of being employed full time by Mimi, and practically ranges from $29k to $60k a year with 10% to 25% bonus packages and benefits like PTO, travel and perks. This is a totally remote position.

Send resume and email to

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