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This question was prompted by a status update from Dan Zelikman referencing this TED talk:


At home you have spouses, kids, TV and Twitter, so I think the answer is really different for every developer and every project. Some people work well at home. Others don't. Some projects can be decomposed into discrete pieces that don't require a lot of group-think. Others can't. We have a lot of creative brain storming exercises involving developers and designers that I don't think could happen as effectively if everyone was remote.

Productivity at work is also highly dependent on the work environment and the effectiveness of managers.

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I actually find that I work longer hours at home, because anytime there is nothing to do, I get on the computer and start working.  Sometimes I wish I could turn it off, but it's always in the back of my mind anyway, so I might as well put it online!

I can relate Tony. It's tough turning "it" off.

But with the freedom of jamming on projects whenever it's "on," you can also enjoy those moments at home or wherever you are when you need a break from being creative or productive. I just wish the priority was on the project, the task or the objective instead of the time of day.

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