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I recently loaded (and unloaded) the latest version of Apache Open Office onto my HP Pavilion 23 All-In-One computer and got a huge surprise.  When combined with the CyberLink Multimedia package (third party promotional add-on) on a Windows 8 multimedia computer, it does really strange things with the "Num Lock" key, the numbers pad, and the space bar.

A few examples:

1. Every time I press the Num Lock key I get a slash /.

2. With Num Lock on, whenever I press the space bar, I'll get a space followed by a 0.

3. With Num Lock on, whenever I press the 1 or the 2 key on the number pad, I'll get 12.

4. With Num Lock on, whenever I press the 4 or the 5 key on the number pad, I'll get 45.

5. The 7 and 8 keys are the same pattern while the 3, 6, 9 keys are unaffected.

I went to the Apache Bugzilla help page, they are aware of the problem but have not developed a fix.

I have refreshed and reloaded the operating system and uninstalled and re-installed the keyboard drivers with no affect.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?  I am looking into trying a different keyboard as soon as I get home from work.

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