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Looking for entrepreneurs to participate in a TV show where they pitch to VCs. A quick Google search shows it might be legit. I don't know how they got my email or that of others that I saw on the cc line (they didn't even blind CC!) They claim to be looking for Hawaii based companies in particular.

I'm happy to forward to anyone interested. It's a little hard to take seriously considering the amateur way the email was composed and sent.


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It's real. Our friend, Susan Bratton, talked about it with Lynda Resnick on a recent episode of Dishy Mix.

Lynda was approached by Mark Brunette (Survivor) to do it. Search for "shark" on the above transcript page to see the discussion.
I've been exchanging emails with Mindy. Casting goes until mid-June. I am seriously considering it, but also seriously not considering it. Anyone else brave (or foolish) enough?


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