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Any recommendations on business tax accountant/consultants?

Hey guys, i'm starting a new online startup and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for tax accountants. Thanks!

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Well, since no one else has answered...I used Stephen Wilson,, until it got a bit too corporate for him.  Now I'm using Patrick Smith at BDO in Seattle.  He is very popular amongst the startup crowd there (like reduced pricing) and they do a great job.

If you want local go with Stephen, if you want the ability to handle more complicated situations then Patrick.  In either case tell them I sent you.

I assume there are other folks here in town with the right experience, I'm only answering because no one else has.



For tech startup savvy accountants in Hawaii, its hard to beat Levin & HuDoug Levin is a TechHui member. He has his own startup called CheqBook.

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