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Aloha hui,

We're a Maui based boot-strapped startup looking for a pair of Ruby on Rails hackers to become a part of our team. Very little cash compensation with options to defer payment into ownership equity currently available. This is something for aspiring hackers or graduating students looking to 'make a name' by attaching to a product with intention to scale globally.

You'll also be working under the (very) occasional supervision of an experienced RoR hacker who has built, launched and managed successful products for years. Also Hawaii based (O'ahu), he's joined us in an advisory role to make sure we're making the right development decisions for what's mostly a 'marketing play'.

We're a husband and wife team (Andy and Michelle) with marketing, design and brand savvy (have spent years working for some of the top global brands, and launching various ideas into the webosphere with varying results). We're 'fringe geek' when it comes to web technology. We know our way around some basic front-end coding; good cobblers.

We're not, however: clean coding, consistent, organized and incredibly well versed in the Rails framework with knowledge of assembling the right combination of tools to provide a safe and secure payment gateway environment while optimizing for massive scalability and head-turning page loads in the cloud under massive usage. But YOU ARE!

If you want to have a look at how things are looking to date (usable front-end code) check this out:  You can also see get a summary of what the site will do at our landing page ( The UI tour mostly takes you through the 'customer journey' (shopping for a chef experience) right now. We've designed most of the site lo-fi, so are in the process of fleshing out designs and markup on additional pages to show some of the 'chef journey' (building a listing).

For those that are familiar, think of this as AirBnB for chefs. Because that's part of what we're building... a community marketplace where people who love to eat can meat their makers - literally.

If you're interested and would like to know more - please PM me: andy at chef 52 (numerals) dot com.

PS: we're applying to incubators in search of seed equity. If accepted, early startup level pay and equity options will be offered with specific numbers. Right now, because we're boot strapping, have to negotiate on a very limited budget. However, we're following lean principles to assure early revenue before scalability and getting as quickly as possible to an MVP. Senior hackers say, it'd be about 12 weeks w/a pair including all the front-end markup. We're taking a big chunk out the front end markup, so you'll have to just 'ingest' code and convert CSS to SASS, etc.

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