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I'm Sam, and I will be moving to Honolulu in last August/early September. I currently work for a web development consultancy in Baltimore and I will be telecommuting once I move.

Professionally I specialize in web app development. I like testing and I like Ruby and I like Rails. I like simple solutions to real problems.

I'm going to miss the great tech community in Baltimore, so I am happy to have found what seems to be a vibrant community in Honolulu as well.

I'm currently looking to get involved in cool meet ups and hack sessions. I'm also keen on finding a desk to call my own. I've found The Box Jelly in my searches, but since I'll be on Skype a lot I'm also interested in renting an office near Manoa.

I would very much appreciate guidance on things I should check out once I arrive. Also please let me know if you have an office you'd like to rent out starting in September.

I look forward to meeting you! :)

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E komo mai Sam! Welcome to the Hawaii tech community. You may be interested in joining the Ruby Developers and Rails Hackers interest groups. You can watch the Event calendar for coder events such as the Aloha.rb group meetups. re: working in Manoa - You could try the new coworking space at the Manoa Innovation Center, but they may have a requirement that you are working on a product. There are a lot more office spaces close by in neighborhoods like Kaimuki.

The Box Jelly is about 15 minutes from Manoa. Its a fun place.

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