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Since I'm interested in creating graduate program in Aquaculture and Fisheries based on Online Education and social net works for farmer, fisherman and coastal resources management I have looked into various options. Jumping head first I have already being experimenting with Google Blogs, Wesites, Groups, and every feature I can find useful at Google. In addition, I've experimented with Ning and opened already several Social Networks sites. Although, all this is really exciting for me I'm aware of two important points: a) I'm a biologist and not computer expert; and b) I don't want to tie myself up with development and constant feeding the beast since I'd like to actually work with people and move on to broader scopes in aquaculture where my attention is needed. The question is what is the best and most suitable platform for my work. I've consulted with Barbara, Dan and Sam and they are so kind to me and enriching my life, really! So what is the best way to go about? We can be in agreement on "horses for courses" but one need to know his courses and only then choose the right horses (and do I know my horses?). Do I know how? Not really. I came across a comparison of Facebook, Ning and Elgg and wonder if you all can join forces in TechHui to create our own TechHui comparison table with more social networks in the table. I'm sure that with all the knowledge accumulated in the TechHui team we can have the best table ever. And if it will be constantly updated it will be a bomb. Everyone will like to check on TechUhi for this feature. I WILL! Are you up the task?

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