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I know most people here actually code for a living. I'm not quite there in my life because I haven't even put a dent on my ICS degree. But, I'm usually always at Starbucks hacking away at something.

Anyone else goto Starbucks or cafe to code? I'm always at Starbucks in Waikele(I also work there). Would be nice to be around developers or we could start a weekly thing going where we meet up, have a coffee, and code even if it is on completely projects!

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When I was freelancing, it would be mostly at home, but occasionally at CoffeeTime in Kaimuki for a change of pace - free Wifi for customers, you just need to ask the counter staff for the current WEP key.
I work at home. I often will hang out at mcdonalds to do some work (out of the house, a/c, and cheap wifi). Their iced tea is good. I don't actually drink coffee, so starbucks, et al are not ideal for me, but I have spent many an hour there, anyway.
Hey Patrick, I thought I was the only coder ever to work at McDonalds! Good to know I'm in good company. I've had some wacky conversations with people at McDonald's ... people I would never have met in a cafe.

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