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I know most people here actually code for a living. I'm not quite there in my life because I haven't even put a dent on my ICS degree. But, I'm usually always at Starbucks hacking away at something.

Anyone else goto Starbucks or cafe to code? I'm always at Starbucks in Waikele(I also work there). Would be nice to be around developers or we could start a weekly thing going where we meet up, have a coffee, and code even if it is on completely projects!

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I code at home, work and on airplanes. For some reason I seem to be very productive while flying.
The Seattle Saturday House concept is pretty neat - sort of a salon for geeks. I wonder what they're paying to rent the space? I could imagine such a place in Honolulu, then we could add the Honolulu Saturday House as a place where we spend time coding!
Guess I'm a nomadic coder cuz I don't like staying at home too much. So I grab my laptop and go out. I got a AT&T wifi account for $20/mo so I can get connected at Starbucks (& Borders), Barnes & Nobles, McDonalds, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and sometimes Glazers.
You guys should check out Common Groundz in Hawaii Kai. Beautiful view there. I also can't seem to be as productive at home as I would be out in some coffee shop. Like today, before work I came in early and I finally got around to finishing up my little django bookmark repository that I wish I could deploy.
I just discovered that AT&T Wi-Fi is now live at the tiny Starbucks in the Ward Entertainment Center (movie theater). It's also concurrently running a T-Mobile hotspots as well (for now).
For all your cafe coders, I just took advantage of Starbuck's new offer of free syrup in my coffee when purchasing with a registered Starbucks card. Sweet! Plus they offer free coffee refills, too. I'll try that out a bit later.
yup there's a bunch of other stuff too if you register. I can't quite recall since I barely work at SBux nowdays but, you also get a bunch of other stuff.
Glazers is awesome! Free Internet and the lattes are seriously the best on the island.
When RoadRunner is down at home, I go to Starbucks and pay $9.99 (rip off!) to use their WiFi
Yup Glazers is great. The best latte in town.
Pretty soon Starbucks will be offering two hours free wifi with a purchase. Dunno when that will be though. But if you go to the Starbucks on Ward Ave you can access Roadrunner Speedzone pretty well, too.
I code at home mostly, sort of a home office (if you can call a small desk inside of a studio apartment an office) I find when I go to "work" I actually get absolutely nothing accomplished as far as code is concerned. Always something else to do, fix, etc... Like replace the ends on the network cable someone accidentally pulled off, or convince everyone that the internet is not "broke", its just that you cant unplug the router to plug in the coffee pot.
When I was freelancing, it would be mostly at home, but occasionally at CoffeeTime in Kaimuki for a change of pace - free Wifi for customers, you just need to ask the counter staff for the current WEP key.

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