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I'm looking at different RIA solutions and was wondering if anyone has tried out open laszlo and what you thought of it in comparison to other solutions like flex. Would you recommend it? What are the key differences?

Thank you in advance!

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I used Laszlo a couple years ago. Its a great framework but they are basically competing directly with Adobe's Flex. Now that Flex is open source I think Laszlos days are numbered. Adobe is pouring millions into tool development for Flex.

Brooke Fujita has worked with Laszlo. He built the widget on his Crypto group with it.
Hm... Dan gave me some sound advice on OpenLaszlo before, and I would say that you would be better off investing your time in Flex. OpenLaszlo is easy enough to learn, but from the point of view of acquiring marketable skills, I would go with Flex.
Dan and Brooke,

Thanks for your reply and as both of you said to invest my time in Flex, that's what I'll probably be doing. I also noticed that in different freelance jobs, Flex and actionscript experience are much more in demand.

Now that Flex is open source I think Laszlos days are numbered.

Just a side note:
I don't know Laszlo's fate but in general, it's sort of a scary thought that certain technologies are replaced by others. I don't think survival of the fitness is a bad thing but just on a personal level, I invest so much of my time in certain frameworks, programs and languages that I would hate to see them lose its edge and demand in the market (especially ones that I have made contributions to). More the reason why I'm glad I asked about Laszlo ;)
Thank goodness certain technologies get replaced by others. This is the progress of technology. Now, personally, the debate I'm more interested in is not Flex vs OpenLaszlo, but Flex vs. Ajax. So far, I've bet my career on Ajax, but I'd be interested to hear what the Flex folks have to say.

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