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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. The ICS department could add more opportunities for Freshmen to assimilate into programming easier. While some people come from a background of programming, there are a vast amount of those unaccounted for who have never programmed in their life, and would like to learn. By having either more tutors, or more hands on projects that would help push those students to challenge themselves, students would be forced to become better programmers. 

2. More opportunities for undergraduates in Computer Science who are interested in teaching. Whether it be teaching elementary, middle, or high school, I think that being able to teach what you know makes you a better programmer. 

3. More requirements for students to be able to create projects in school that can add to their portfolio that shows their growth as a future professional in the field of computer science. 

What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

1) One of the major ways that it could improve is by helping students choose a specialization a little more early on. Of course many are just going through the basics needed for the specialization, but I'm already 2 years in and I'm wondering which type of field I wanna get into later on.

2) Better recommendations for which classes to take per semester because although it is well explained through counselors, they don't actually show how difficult a specific class is in comparison with other classes required with it (i.e. ICS 314 with ICS 311).

3) Make the environment feel more social friendly. I know that a lot of the students in this field have trouble with communication and linking with other students, so perhaps more facets for people to meet in and outside the classes.

1. Some professors in the ICS department don't really convey the subject well leaving students with more questions than they started with.

2. Professors already emphasize it, but more emphasis on how much of a foundation the lower division (ex. Discrete Math) courses are to the thought process of programming.

3. It would be nice to have ICS courses with more focus requirements. I found myself in a spot where I have to take a whole bunch of WI's to just meet those requirements when I really want to do more ICS related work.

1. I find that ICS professors often have such extensive knowledge on the subjects they teach, that they sometimes overcomplicate subjects while they explain them. This can leave you very confused.

2. The class availability is sparse, sometimes forcing commuting students to stay on campus for extended periods of time.

3. Stress! My computer science classes are the most stressful out of any other subjects, and they require a lot of time; leaving you with very little time to de-stress.  

I do wish that they had more options for the classes in different times on different days. I have the hardest time trying to select classes that I want to take. Some classes are only at night, which can be really hard to pull off for the early risers. And sometimes the classes get filled up pretty fast that some students don't get to take their 'planned-to-take' classes. Some classes are not even taught in certain semester which extends the years of being an undergrad. It would be very helpful and beneficial to have more options for the students to keep going and their schedule being flexible as possible for them. 

  1. Start times of some classes. I don’t mind that a lot of the classes are later in the day, but evening classes could pose problems for students who need to bus home or live far away. This is also a problem for those who also work or have other important commitments later on in the day.
  2. Insight into the program for incoming students. I think that having some CS students go to local high schools and doing orientations regarding the program for the students in technology-related courses/clubs would be nice, such as discussing their experiences, answering questions, giving advice, etc. It would be good for incoming freshmen to have that sort of first-hand insight as it will help them in deciding if it’s something that they really want to pursue.
  3. More courses that can help with fulfilling general requirements.

What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

1. The department may be more helpful to ICS students if it can hold more career fair events for a year. Most of students want to have a job right after their graduation. If they can have more connections to the companies, they will be more likely to be employed later.

2. The program may be more powerful if it has more campus jobs that will give the students the future-related job experiences that will be put on their resumes. If more undergraduate students can be hired as research assistants or junior developers, they will learn real programmings and be a better programmer later.

3. The number of the clubs can be the factor to make the program powerful. There are already some clubs, but if there were more clubs, there would be more students to join. They are also relevant to learn things and participate in competitions.

1) Stress! 

Similar to many other majors, ICS requires most if not all of your time dedicated to classes or finding internships/jobs. It's also very difficult to both work and be a full time student while still getting good grades. This leaves a student with little time for relaxation and other hobbies ( surfing!).

2) Class times

I noticed that a lot of the upper division courses are scheduled in the afternoon/evening around 2-6pm. This can be added stress on a commuting student because of the traffic and long breaks between other classes.

3) Flipped classroom shock

As I just transferred from LCC to UH Manoa this semester, it was like a classroom culture shock now taking ICS 311. I actually support the flipped classroom model, but I think it would be a good idea to implement it from the beginning ICS courses at all UH campuses. I'm finding it a little difficult to adjust my habits for the flipped classroom since I have never experienced it.

I am in the Computer Engineering program rather then the ICS program, so my biggest complaint is that if I want to take any ICS sources I am required to get an override. Better integration into the Engineering program would be great.

1) I believe that many students learn well through a lecture, a face to face interaction where they can take notes and participate live. While I understand that certain students zone out, I would have preferred having a lecture and also the videos for reviews. There are some teachers that aren't very effective in teaching and teach very textbook.

2) Hearing from my upperclassman and my intro experience in this major, there isn't a lot of opportunity within classes to do hands, real career work.

3) From my previous classes that I took, many of the assignments, and exams were driven on memory and less on problem solving. 


1. First thing is that ICS course will take most time of students' day. Inorder to pass course. There are too many things to learn, so students must keep study and have a little time to rest.

2. It is too expensive as a ICS students, besides tuition students also need buy expensive textbook and good labtop. However, students don't have time to work to earn extra money.

3. Students have to spent more time on self-learning than on lecture. It is better and efficient for some students to learn face to face in lecture.

1) I honestly think the early classes doesn’t do a good job to show how important some things they learn early on can be helpful later on like in ICS 311 with all of this accumulated knowledge on several classes
2) I feel as if some classes don’t teach enough for the next class in line or the classes afterward sometimes expect you to know some bit of things that didn’t really get emphasized in prior classes which can throw any student behind to learn this concepts out of no where just to keep up with newer concepts
3) some classes tells you to get help from the internet and others not which I understand both reasons but having to swap over from the other really makes a student struggle on a reliable source of info where one could rely on the internet and other saying it’s better to not and read on your own instead



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