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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. Need more professors and TA. Due to supply and demand, the department need to change the classes corresponds to it. For example,  ICS 311 is a very popular classes but there's not enough seat for all students whose want to take it. 

2. Lacking focus classes. There should be some level of professional insight and software business related class during freshmen year. This will allow student to choose which course they want to focus on. For example, Python is the current most preferred program language.   

3. Books are expensive and sometime is not very useful for some students. Just because you think this book is good that did not mean it is good for everyone. Please read comments written by students before making a decision using it, since the main consumer is students and not the professors.   

1. a club for people to find partners to work on projects with

2. internship & part time job listings

3. more classes with online sections

1)  There might not be enough seats for an ICS class you want to take, more professors could alleviate this.

2)  Cost of equipment compared to, most of the, other courses

3) Not enough ICS courses with foundation requirements i.e. writing intensive, oral, etc.

1. Increase ICS class availability. There were some students who were unable to take a core class because there weren’t enough seats available.

2. Have more focus classes, so students can either focus on a specific field or figure out their interests.

3. Have more classes that fulfill foundation requirements.

I'm not an ICS student so I'll just go with my experience so far in ICS/EE in general. Also I understand resources are limited so think of it more as a wishlist than improvement list. Some may even exist and I just don't know about them.

1) More workshops, groups, projects that encourage bringing various skills and skill levels together to accomplish something for fun, schoolwork, or portfolio/resume building. Also, events/groups for networking/socializing/meeting new people and strengthening those new relationships.

2) Centralized mandatory location/system for finding projects/researchers/hobbyists on-campus or in the UH network for things like independent projects or interviews/discussions when researching topics.

3) It would be nice to have some large on-going projects/workshops aimed at accomplishing work with various popular languages in the industry. For example, a project where some students build a simple OS, then other students build on that, then future students build tools like editors and browsers. Or we could start with an open source OS (like a simple linux distro) and improve it while other students do higher level things like build websites/programs on it. I dunno, silly suggestion :)

1. Only paths are CS general and cybersecurity. No real diversity for specific computer science interests.

2. Absurdly high number of gen ed and general BS requirements. It feels like around half my courseload is being dedicated to "easy-A" classes entirely outside my field of interest.

3. Not all the professors are utilizing Laulima for assignments or information. Whenever a class fails to utilize Laulima in this way it makes it extremely hard to track down and keep track of assignments on a regular basis.

Three bad things about being an ICS student?

1. No specific branches for certain interests (Networking, IT, Game design, etc.)

2. Classes at odd and inconvenient hours or cross-over hours for ICS classes

3. Having to take chemistry and other similar classes when I really will never use that, at all

1. Have more class times so that we wouldn't always have to waitlist 

2. Have more classes that help meet more then one requirement needed to graduate

3. Have a place like the learning emporium specifically for different ICS classes 

1. More practical clases. I love learning how to code and how to use and make tools, but I do not enjoy the amount of time we spend on theory and related math.

2. There are not any very large tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc.) based in Hawaii, which means that internships with large companies require travel or working remote.

3. Finally, and I might be picky because I am a student athlete, the time requirement for ICS is really high. Some of the stuff makes sense. For example, a problem taking a long time because I can't figure out what's wrong with it is fine. However, being forced to watch the same 20 minute screencast 4+ times because I need to make questions and answer 3 other people's questions is ridiculous and a complete waste of time. If flipped classrooms are really going to be the way the ICS department works, then leave it to the individual to learn the material in their own way. Personally, I would rather have the professor I am paying to teach the material instead of supervise a group work session.

1) Offer a wider range of languages to learn so we can learn about the benefits of each language

2) Have a variety of ways for teaching rather than just the traditional lecture style and the flipped classroom

3) Have more special interest area classes so that students have a wider range of classes to choose from

1. Have classes/workshops that show the work environment of computer science related jobs. 

2. To be able to grasp the knowledge without requiring many hours of practice. 

3. Offer more different teaching styles that would suit people who aren't used to the usual lecture kind of style. 

1. It is hard to get what we are trying to achieve despite putting a lot of efforts and times studying.

2. Some people having a hard time getting into ICS course such as 311, 314 because there are only 1 or 2 sections of the classes in a semester.

3. the way of teaching is limited because of the lack of a number of professors



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