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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1.  We are required to take foreign language classes despite learning 4+ languages over our time here 2. Inconsistencies between the same courses taught by different professors 3.  Class availability 

This is my first semester at UH, so I am not familiar with everything yet, but these are some things I have noticed so far:

1. Class availability

2. Gender ratio

3. Lack of student resources - study spaces, labs, etc.

Although this is only my first semester, some areas that I noticed that could use improvement would be:

1) Class Options:

When I first saw the ICS catalog, a couple of classes immediately peaked my interest, such as ICS 443: Parallel algorithms and ICS 432: Concurrent and High Performance Programming. After further inspection, I realized that these and other 400+ level courses that I was interested in wasn't offered this fall or last spring. This makes me concerned about how limited my class options in the future will be. 

2) Class sizes:

Similar to the first improvement, the class sizes and number of sections available for core ICS class could be increased. ICS 311 is a prerequisite for a lot of the ICS catalog, but only one section was offered this fall, and it was online. Since I am a transfer from KCC, I had no chance of getting into this class, which may delay my graduation.

3) More Concentration Options:

It's cool that there is a security concentration for the BS in CS degree, and it would be awesome if there were other defined concentrations, such as web development.

1. Class availability

Like others have said, it is hard to get into some classes in ICS.  I had to speak to my counselor to get into ICS 311 this semester since there was only one class.

2.  Class curriculum between colleges

I took as many ICS courses as I could at WCC before going to UH Manoa.  When I finally transferred, I was completely lost especially when it came to discrete math subject.  I felt as though I didn't learn a lot of the things I was supposed to.  It seems difficult to go from a community college to a 4 year university.

3. Homework
Homework is very time consuming.  It's very difficult to take a full course load while having a job.  You need very good time management skills in order to succeed.


1. Heavy workload.

2. Not enough class sections

3. More teachers would be nice.

1. Up front cost of having to own a personal computer combined with having to purchase textbooks. We're in computer science and still having to buy textbooks? It would be great to have (free) widely available resources for classes. 

2 I wasn't really aware until I read through this thread that class availability was an issue. It would be really great to have better class availability during the times when students need it especially core classes!

3. More Professors please! There are a lot of ICS students and way too few Professors to teach these classes. This makes it difficult for both the Professors to get one one time with students and disconnects many students from forming a bond with their Professors.

1) A lot of time is spent`q doing work, assignments, and teaching yourself.

2) Classes are always full when it is time to register or does not fit your schedule.

3) Sometimes office hours are inconvenient and sometimes you won't be able to make it because you have class during those times.

1. More flexibility in ICS classes and their times. Seats in the classes are very limited, as I've only seen one or two classes at max available to register per semester in an ICS class.
Along with that, there is usually only a one-time schedule that is offered, making it hard to adjust for other classes. 
2. The ICS courses definitely require a massive time commitment. Coming into Computer Science, I already had the expectation that all the classes will require a lot of devotion to learning hours outside of class. Despite this, I think any way to lessen the burden on the student when it comes to course load without negatively impacting what they will learn and gain from ICS courses would be nice. Maybe some ICS courses fulfilling our other required core requirements so we have one less non-ICS class to worry about.
3. There needs to be more group collaboration on the 100 & 200 level courses. I know that the introductory classes are a mix of people who have none to little programming experience and people with programming experience, but I think that small group collaboration would push those with little programming experience a bit more and allows them to learn from and discuss with other more knowledgeable programmers. 

1) The amount of extra classes such as the language requirement classes should be dropped or be removed. I switched my major from engineering, where there wasn't a language requirement, and I felt like I could focus a little more on my classes. Taking four extra four credit classes feels like a little too much time I could use for another one of my necessary classes.

2) I like that some ICS courses do cover WIs, but most of them are upper level and I would like to see more ICS courses that offer lower level WIs.

3) A lot of the classes are adopting the reverse classroom style of teaching, and I feel like it would be nice for the professors to at least direct us in the right direction in how to study for these kind of class environments for the quizzes/tests we will be taking.

1. The amount of hours, workload, and commitment needed for each class is sometimes overwhelming.

2. Some grad requirements, like language and FG credits, should be lessened or removed so there's more focus and less stress on the already difficult major courses.

3. As many others have said, there should be a more widely accessible (or free lol) way of learning from expensive textbooks.

1. Sometimes your schedule gets messed up because there's only one teacher teaching a course, so you're stuck with a certain class time because there's only two different sections. More teachers for classes that are currently only taught by one teacher would be nice.

2. The workload for coding-heavy classes can be quite stressful, especially if you're taking more than one class like that. I think if teachers have such a class, they should take into account that a student will probably be taking other classes and manage a reasonable workload. Maybe take several polls on how much hours students expect to dedicate to their other classes as well.

3. I wish that more ICS courses would fulfill more graduation requirements such as WIs and Oral Communication. I feel like the amount of coding we have to do in some classes should fulfill that requirement. I have to take extra WI courses over the summer just to avoid being swamped with extra classes during the school year. It would also be cool if there were more graduation requirements available with HAPs and OCs too.

1. There should be more tutor resources for students who are taking upper level classes. The place I go for help normally only tutor the intro level classes.

2. More professors should teach important ICS courses such as ICS 311.

3. Each class should have more than one TA and ATA with different office hours so people can meet with one of them when they need help.



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