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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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  • It is hard to get into classes which are needed to graduate when there is only limited space and students who get to pick first are students with the most credits. So, by the time sophomore and juniors need to take the class they have to wait for a semester or two.
  • Limited job experience from lack of future planning after graduating college, means its hard to get a job in the field, and its hard to start in the computer science field with no experience.
  • Taking higher division math, chemistry, and physics is more of a way to spend more time in college and doesn’t apply to computer science as much as intended. We should be focusing more on technology which apply those situations where you need math, chemistry and physics.

1. Course Load: I would say the amount of course work for an ICS student is more than the average student who is going for their bachelors degree. This takes more commitment and time away from your other activities. 

2. Speed of Learning: For students who have programmed a bit before, the speed of learning the material isn't too bad, but for those who are completely new it could come at you fast and might be a bit too much when the rest of the class is moving forward with advanced topics.

3. Projects for the community: At my previous school we would have final projects that had a specific goal to benefit our community. At the end of the semester when we have finalized our projects, we would present not only to the class for a grade but also to a community representative from an industry that related to our project. This gave us more motivation to do our best and also helped students get their foot in the door for future employment.

1. The work at times can be very tedious and frustrating and UH can improve this by having more tutors available. 

2.  The cost of textbooks if not found online can be quite expensive. UH can help reduce this by having online books or provide a way for students to rent books at a cheaper price. 

3. Offering more courses so students can graduate on time. UH can improve this by hiring more teachers and offering more courses in the summer. 

Things that can be improved in the UH ICS program:

1. The way the ICS courses are structured makes it seem like getting to the higher level courses is a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

2. ICS courses always seem to be in very limited availability, which could result in someone having to add on more semesters simply because they cannot get the course they need.

3. The workload can be a bit overwhelming at times.

1. As an ICS student I feel like I devote more time to working on my ICS homework then I do with my other classes yet I feel like the amount of help available is the same.

2. Some of the classes for ICS require a B to pass. I find that this causes un-needed stress.

3. I felt as if taking the core ICS classes did not influence me into picking a concentration as much as it should of.

Sleep is for the weak
It can be hard to digest new concepts, especially if you have no coding experience
Long hours for staring at a screen can be hard on the eyes

1. Its so expensive to take the classes and the whole hardware requirements ate into my budget.

2. The fact that almost all the programming classes past 200 level is at 5 o'clock and beyond eats into the time that can be spent doing other things.

3. staring at you computer trying to find a simple error..... that one missing curly brace. you know what I am talking about.

1. Extremely time consuming

2. Requires a lot of determination and dedication to finish a project/ any work for the courses

3. More courses that also covered other required Credits. A few more options for an Ethics or Oral credit would be nice.

1. More class variability or more specific fields that we can focus into is probably my biggest gripe with the current program. 

2. Course material between professors can differ greatly which can lead to being unprepared for future classes taught by a different professor.

3. Being able to add more focus requirements covered by ICS classes that way we don't need to take random classes that we aren't interested in just to clear these requirements.

What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

1. Engineering majors at UH do not have a foreign language requirement, and I wish this would be extended to ICS majors also. 

2. For the particularly difficult classes like Discrete Math, the department treats them like "gatekeeper" subjects, and if you are not doing well in them, you should get out of the major. The student understands that the material is important for future classes like Algorithms, but the structure is not motivating. 

3. There are not a lot of tutors for Ithe ICS department in general, I wish there were more at locations like the Learning Emporium where the rest of the school tutors are. 

What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

I am a domestic exchange student, which limits my feedback regarding the ICS program.

1) I do appreciate how the ICS program at UH Manoa has a lot of practical and hands-on content, as I have seen so far. Back at my home college, the CS program is more theory-based. Maybe adding more theory to courses to balance out and make concepts more generalized.

2) More collaboration spaces. I have been in ICSpace and seen how crowded it can get. I think lounge areas are very important for ICS programs, as they can be the starting ground for collaboration projects. 

3) Variety of CS courses. I was able to take really cool courses this semester, after sending various e-mails regarding requirements. I think if the required foundation/introductory courses can be kept to a general bunch and more higher-level courses can be offered after one has completed those, the number of interested students in specific CS topics would increase.

1) More flexible ICS course options, such as more online courses and more class times for students who work, etc.

2) The time required for ICS classes is challenging. ICS isn't an easy major, but I think the department could do more to help students balance ICS and the rest of their life.

3) Offering more ICS electives to fulfill graduation requirements versus a lot of specific courses which every student must take.



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