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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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  1. The courses allow students to gain a great deal of hands on experience that aid other modes of learning. This includes team collaboration, assignments and projects that ICS graduates would encounter in their professional careers, and developing a professional persona.
  2. The UH ICS program regularly encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to steer them towards success. Students receive frequent emails regarding career fairs, internships, and current events that further educate us about the field.
  3. Students have access to free software from Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance. This is extremely beneficial for students, especially for those of us who are financially stressed.

1) Networking, and learning from peers can lead to better more fulfilling learning, professional skills, and better opportunities than teaching yourself.

2) Many of the professors have industry experience, which in ICS is very helpful, and oftentimes these 'industry tips' are relevant and relatively easy to pick up and use for yourself.

3) Because we code projects, and are constantly problem solving, we are gaining relevant and (depending on the class) direct experience doing what our jobs will require of us. When you know how to code C you know how to code C anywhere else, and making actual projects with real tools fills in many of the gaps.

1) Variety of open source learning materials available online.

2)  ICS courses that provides collaboration among with other students to build a learning environment and teamwork mentality.

3)  Announcements of internship opportunity and other programs relating to Computer Science. 

1. able to meet professionals from the industry.

2. free software

3. offers help/opportunities with internships, scholarships, and employment

Not an ICS student (I'm a ME) but I'll give my observations as an outsider 

1. Nice focus on trying to teach people regardless of starting skill level or background

2. Numerous opportunities for help, whether that be with a TA or through one of the club programs

3. Given opportunities through clubs, research, or internships to put into practice what is taught in class

1)Inviting employers to come onto campus is really nice

1. Great program to network. There are some really brilliant students in the program and that really helps.

2. Emails are sent frequently about different workshops and internships being offered from Gerald

1. In my experience so far, some professors utilize a "flipped classroom" teaching style which forces ICS students to become more independent learners.

2. ICS students also learn to be better communicators and team players in their classes as much of class time tends to be group oriented. 

3. ICS students at UH have passionate professors in their respected fields. Though I have not accessed this facility, I have also heard that our department has an excellent lab called the LAVA lab for advanced visualization.

I am a Computer Engineering student, so I can write 3 good things about the engineering department.

1. There are many opportunities to participate in unique projects.

2. The clubs are a good way to get tutoring, and involvement in engineering or the community.

3. Holmes hall is a a great place to study due to the computer lab.

1. The ICS program offers a wide range of different classes and skill sets so we can experience a wider range of fields. 

2. The classes I have taken so far are relevant and are useful. 

3. There are a lot of resources and opportunities that are available to us.

    1. Gerald
    2. The TAs and the professors are all fantastic and extremely helpful. They are also easy to contact, which is excellent, especially with a pandemic going on.
    3. Almost all the tools we need are either free, provided to us, or have easy access.

1. Learning from the professionals, some of the professors are really good in this department.

2. Learning alongside other students in the same place, this is good for collaboration

3. We are given lots of resources to help us through this journey.



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