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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Since I do not have a lot of experience with UH's ICS program, I will list three good things I believe the CENG department is providing for its students.

1. I think it's great that the College of Engineering holds its own career fair that can help expose students to the work field and internship/job opportunities.

2. The EE/CENG department also has a tutoring program that's available to all students and helps with many of the prerequisite classes and lower-level EE classes.

3. There are study rooms in Holmes Hall, where students can use textbooks for many courses and computers/printers for academic work.

The amount of resources available online.

Free softwares from Mircosoft.

The friends we meet along the way.

Collaboration is Your Friend. One of the best things about being an ICS student is definitely the relationships you build with those around you. It is a common misconception that people in this field are lone wolves working behind a cubed desk…but it’s often built around collaboration. Collaboration is what I would say is the heart and soul of Computer Science. Every great idea inspires another, and by learning from one another I think we undoubtedly generate a fun-filled and fruitful environment.

The Professors and TA’s. A great deal of professors are truly passionate about their work. Majority of the lectures I have taken are very insightful and often times allow me to generate questions I never would have thought of asking. What’s so great about being an ICS student are these professor who make learning worthwhile and fun at some degree. On top of that, you are presented with a handful of equally dedicated individuals who provide extra assistance for our learning. It is very much reassuring that there are so much support to go around.

Never-ending Learning. The best thing about being an ICS student is that you never stop learning…and that learning is not limited to Computer Science itself. While you’re learning code on a daily basis, you learn to manage your time. While you sit on your desk staring at your computer trying do debug a problem, you are also learning the importance of hard work and dedication. I’m sure we can all say this for any type of education. But what makes being an ICS student so good is that you are always seeing the light in the dark…quite literally from your computer screen. In all seriousness however, what’s so great about being an ICS student is the vast world of learning waiting at the palm of our hands.

1. Excellent advising. Gerald is very knowledgeable and a phenomenal boon to schedule planning.

2. The faculty are all really knowledgeable in their areas. Everyone feels like an expert in their field.

3. The department signal boosts extracurricular activities and job opportunities, providing emails whenever information is made available to them.  

1) Connections to people in the industry.Emails are frequently sent our by Gerald for any intership, job, or scholarship oppertunities

2) In my two years as an ICS student I have not had an ICS professor who was not passionate about their area of expertise.

3) In my experience, ICS classes focus on not just teaching you the material but preparing you for a real career in the industry

1. There are a lot of classes that would like for you to collaborate with others. This will not only help us learn to work with others it also creates a network of people who are willing to help you when you need it.

2. Having great people to help us out from the professor, TA's and adviser. The professors and the TA's are very passionate and are willing to help you.  The advisers are very knowledgeable and will give you advice. They also send emails out of real world opportunities that pop up.

3. Learning many different coding languages will help us in our future careers. This and also many problem solving techniques that help us look at coding differently.    

This is about CENG,

Some good things about the CENG program:

1. There are many resources available from the Engineering department, e.g. computer labs, software, etc.

2. Being able to work with people from other tracks in the College of Engineering makes things more diverse/fun.

3. The professors/staff seem really enthusiastic, and out to help all the students.

(This is for CENG)
Three good things that are provided by the UH CENG programs are:
1. Career preparations and profile building, as well as helping with job/internship opportunities
2. Of the CENG professors I've interacted with, they really encourage students to try and build up their profile, and guides us to more learn more applicable things in the field
3. The professors teaching have built up their resources over years, so a lot of the materials presented are well polished and they know what they're talking about, and they know which pieces are outdated and point it out to try and keep students up to date with what's happening in the CENG world.

1. The ability to go to any CS Professionals/Professors and ask them for feedback on CS related topics.

2. As I go on with my CS degree, I noticed that there is a lot more collaboration with other classmates through the upper-division classes. It pressures me to become more social and emotional towards the different projects. Which is a very good thing to have in the future. The ICS program has a break room for all cs majors to go to if you want to wind down or work with others.

3. Since computer science is a vague occupation, you have the free range to different focus areas that interests you. 

1. It provides students with more different resources and tools that help to learn knowledge.

2. Get to know people that are in the same major to help each other out.

3. Many different opportunities that help build up the career path.

A few good things about being a CENG student:

  1. The Engineering department has many different lounges and study areas for students to meet up and work on assignments together.
  2. The professors are really helpful in preparing us for technical interviews and notifying students when internship and job opportunities are available. Their focus is not only on teaching us but also to help us build our portfolios and network for after we graduate.
  3. The x96 projects are collaborative among all engineering disciplines. This allows students to get a feel for working on projects with people from different technical backgrounds.
  1. A good thing about being an ICS student is the multitude of resources readily available on the Internet. If you're having trouble with coding problem you can almost always find help on sites like StackOverflow, Github, reddit, and many others.
  2. Another good thing about being an ICS student is that we can more easily adapt to new technologies. In an age of rapid technological growth it's important to learn how to keep up.
  3. Being an ICS student also enables us to understand how the software we use actually works. It encourages us to solve problems critically rather than relying on rote memorization.



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