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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Three good things about being a UH ICS student.

1. Help improve problem-solving skills.

2. Know how websites, games, and program work on the computer.

3. Able to understand new languages like Java, C, C++, and etc.

I would say that the quality of the classes are very good. In my experience so far, most of the professors and TA's that I have had were very knowledgeable and great teachers. I feel that I have learned a great deal of information that will be very helpful in the future when I get a career in the field.

The buildings are rather nice. The POST building where the ICS Department is located has some nice classrooms and a dedicated space for socializing and studying

Everyone in the program is extremely friendly and willing to help. So far, all the advisors and staff that I have met so far are pretty chill and give great advice.

1)  The UH ICS program offers many opportunities through ACM. ACM has an abundant of clubs with distinct interest that helps students find what they truly love in Computer Science. Furthermore, these clubs offer many guest speakers and competitions to help students prepare themselves for their future careers.

2) The ICS program provides specialized degrees that help distinguished student's passions and interests in the Computer Science Field. Students who want to focus more on Data Science or Cyber Security can work towards those respective degrees. 

  1. The UH ICS program offers a wide range of courses with different tracks (Security Science, Data Science, IT, General) and degree options (BS or BA). Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of programming languages and important computer science skills that are highly applicable to real-world situations. 
  2. The professors are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. They encourage students to use information learned during class to make a positive difference in the world and benefit society. Office hours are available in each course to provide students with opportunities to further their understanding. 
  3. The UH ICS program motivates students to use RadGrad and informs them about internships and job opportunities. This helps students to strive to succeed both in the classroom and the work force.


Some of the teachers and counselors that I have come across have been very helpful. They have helped me prepare for what I am going to experience in earning my degree and once I'm actually working. 

Learning Certain Skills:

One of the great(and difficult) things about being an ICS student is that you are taught to learn a completely different way of problem-solving and thinking. It doesn't just help me with my work and projects, but it's also influenced my way of dealing with situations outside of computer science. 


It seems like the ICS major is growing, and with that you meet lots of new different people. Already I have met people who work differently than I do, and I find myself picking up good habits from them. Also, the tutoring that is available for particularly hard classes done by groups like ACM show different ways to solve a problem than what you might have been taught. 

1. Smaller class sizes. Most of the ICS classes are not large and you still feel like an actual person instead of just a random student in the room. For the most part this makes teacher accessibility very good too.

2. High standards. UH Manoa isn't known for its ICS program but that doesn't mean it is easy. Professors still make you put in the work and grade accordingly, making you feel like you are really learning.

3. Networking. There are a lot of ICS classes to take and there is a pretty diverse body of students on campus who end up in some of your classes. Building relationships and networks now can create many opportunities after graduation.

1. The ICS major at UH is relatively large so there are many people to network with and to learn from compared to smaller majors, which don't often allow for much variety in interaction.

2. The ICS program provides students with many opportunities to meet with employers and recruiters.

3. Access to clubs like ACM and Grey Hats which allow students to learn things outside of class and supplement their resumes.

1. There are many extra curricular activities and clubs that teach new ideas.

2. Getting to learn from professionals that are skilled in the material, and that have experience in real world situations.

3. Being able to choose which industry you wish to work in, and learning the skills needed to be competitive in that industry.

1.) Learn useful life skills outside of programming and coding that can be very useful after we graduate from school.

2.) Learn to work well with others especially in group projects which can help make learning more memorable and fun.

3.) The whole environment of ics is great! There are lots of people awaiting to answer our questions we may be pondering about and there are many kinds of extra circular and clubs that can provide a lot of use to us.

1. I thoroughly enjoy coding and find it fun and being able to potentially make it what I do for a living is what makes ICS a good thing.

2. The many opportunities available, whether it is clubs or a job opportunity emailed by Gerald.

3. Making our professional portf.olios as apart of class and learning how to do them instead of going through them ourselves.

ICSpace, place to meet classmates and collaborate; also a good place to meet other ICS students

Gerald’s affluence emails, offers ICS students beneficial opportunities

Computer labs open for the students to use

1.) In the department there are good clubs and extracurricular activities that really help students find opportunities in the field that the classes aren't able to do so themselves.

2.)The professors in the department are very knowledgeable in the subject matter and for the most part very enthusiastic about the course they teach and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of their students in the classroom and in their future.

3.) As ICS students we have access to ICSpace, which is a very useful place to mingle with fellow ICS students and to get work done whenever you'd like, since it is open 24 hours a day. I've come to realize not all majors have a designated lounge like we do.



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