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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Living in Hawaii

2. The opportunity to meet so many gifted and bright-minded people is awesome. From peers to professors, I am encouraged to stay on track and learn from everyone.

3. I grew up in the Bay Area with an Apple II in school, an Atari (at a friend's house), and an HP-150 at home. Having observed the huge advances in the industry over the past few decades I am excited to retrace my roots and gradually transition from end-user to contributor in this amazing field. Thinkers and doers...time to do something with my life!

One good thing that is unique to being a computer science student is that there are many materials publicly available outside of academic institutions. With the classes I've taken so far, I could easily supplement the material with online resources for free. Another upside to being a UH ICS student is that I could easily apply my learning outside of school. I could start a Github project anywhere and anytime on my laptop, unlike business or marine science majors who have to actually start their own businesses or go out to the sea for their research. Finally, U.H. at Manoa has a very valuable and active student RIO. Joining the ACM @ Manoa has allowed me to learn a lot outside of class, and many members are willing to help me with my college career. Studying computer science at U.H. at Manoa is a very unique experience.

1.) A good thing being offered are the specialized tracks that an ICS student can pick if they are interested in it.

2.) Another good thing is the quality of some of the instructors, as some have real world experience in that field, which can make classes much more informative and unique.

3.) The general track for ICS dabbles in a little bit of everything for its required courses, which can help someone find what they want to do in ICS.

1. Some tools may be available for you for free (Ex: Windows 10, Microsoft Office, ...)

2. Access to some experts in the ICS field

3. Access to competitions (Ex: NCL) that can widen your interest/meeting more people in the ICS field

Three good things about being a UH ICS student

1) We study science. We are required to take high level math such as calculus, we are also required to take physics and chemistry.  All of these subjects are extremely fascinating because once you understand them, the blinders are off and you see the world in a microscopic way. You realize something as simple as a rock is unimaginably complex.

2) If you love ICS then you are just playing all day. I love it so much that a lot of my spare time is spent learning new programming languages and methods.  Computer Science is magic and your phone is a wand.  You can control a robot in China from Hawaii with your phone wand, Harry Potter can't do that.

3) I don't care about the money side of computer science, but it's too obvious not to mention.  ICS students will make more money on average than almost any other major available.  It's very common for ICS students to receive a $70,000+ job offer soon after they graduate.

1. Having a community of experienced and knowledgable professors, CS majors and the ACM club to reach out to when we need help.

2. The many career and internship opportunities that students are often notified about through email and other UH job postings. 

3. There are a variety of courses tailored to students' interests. i.e., networking, security, game development, and more. 

1) Learning from good professors because out of the different department classes, I personally feel that the ICS department professors and instructors are really great people to learn from

2) A community that is willing to help each other out in both ICS and other subjects

3) The different extracurricular opportunities that help build towards the professional resume

1. ACM and its SIGs. It really helps students to figure out what aspect of computer science that they're passionate about. You're also able to meet people with similar interests, as well as get advice/help from others. 

2. The different teaching styles, from lectures to flipped classroom models, as well as the opportunities to work individually as well as in groups. Each instructor is different, and I like it when they share their experiences as it gives some insight into the industry. Having these different styles and opportunities helps you to build up your soft skills alongside your hard skills, as you learn to adapt to each environment, work and communicate with others, work on time management, develop problem-solving skills, etc.

3. The free software.

There are definitely some great things about being an ICS student. Here are three of them:

  1. The most apparent thing is that I'm learning new skills that I can apply towards my future career, and the learning process is very in depth, as opposed to taking a boot camp
  2. Knowing that when I'm done being an ICS student that I'll hopefully land a decent job with a decent pay, so that I can pay off all this debt I'm accruing for myself
  3. Being able to meet some like minded individuals in my classes, and making connections that I can hopefully develop relationships with in the real world in the future (and now, of course).

Three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students are:

Talent won't go to waste as UH's ICS program allows students to find their passion by joining clubs and participating in events. 


It's very easy to socialize with others in the computer science major given that we have the ICSpace. You can make friends with people that have similar interests.


The classes here teach us how to do our work efficiently and effectively. This helped me manage time better so I could work on other assignments. 

1. I like that the UH ICS program offers an "umbrella" club for those who are interested in whatever field they wish to go in - whether it be cyber-security, algorithms, game development, or so on. I think that these are wonderful opportunities for people to add to their portfolio, and allows them to get engaged with other students who are interested in the same things as them, or even get introduced to new concepts that computer science can be applied to. 

2. I love how challenging the Professors are. Nobody ever grows while being complacent and not facing what makes them afraid. Although you come into class knowing that the work will be difficult, you understand that it's only going to make you better in your field. 

3. I love the network and communication that the ICS major offers. Constant news of internships and opportunities definitely puts you ahead of the game in terms of knowing what skills you need to gain in order to become proficient enough to qualify for whatever you wish to go into!

1) There are a lot of extracurricular clubs that can help with finding a niche within such a huge field (Grey Hats, ACM, etc.)

2) Free software that is provided for all students.

3) A lot of opportunities to work in the professional field before even graduating



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