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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. I like that the UH ICS program offers an "umbrella" club for those who are interested in whatever field they wish to go in - whether it be cyber-security, algorithms, game development, or so on. I think that these are wonderful opportunities for people to add to their portfolio, and allows them to get engaged with other students who are interested in the same things as them, or even get introduced to new concepts that computer science can be applied to. 

2. I love how challenging the Professors are. Nobody ever grows while being complacent and not facing what makes them afraid. Although you come into class knowing that the work will be difficult, you understand that it's only going to make you better in your field. 

3. I love the network and communication that the ICS major offers. Constant news of internships and opportunities definitely puts you ahead of the game in terms of knowing what skills you need to gain in order to become proficient enough to qualify for whatever you wish to go into!

1) There are a lot of extracurricular clubs that can help with finding a niche within such a huge field (Grey Hats, ACM, etc.)

2) Free software that is provided for all students.

3) A lot of opportunities to work in the professional field before even graduating

1. As an ICS student, we build connections with other peers that are aiming towards the same industry as ourself.

2. In some respects, ethical issues are found in problems of development and we learn to face it by trying to find an optimal balance.

3. We learn to meet deadlines and really manage our time to produce the best results

1. Some computer science professors are very kind and helpful, they clearly want you to learn.

2. Academic advising: Gerald is a great advisor; he's honest and gives good advice on what classes you should take when.

3. The curriculum can be tough, but it pushes you to learn more. Accomplishing the challenges of computer science is very rewarding.

I personally love how UH ICS has the ACM group, which encourages every student to join and open opportunities that we didn't know anything about. They often host events that bring people together to meet with each other, and on certain days, it's more than just bonding with your fellow students, such as bringing in professionals to give speech on how to get a job that suits you etc. In addition to that, the ICS professors are very knowledgeable in their criteria and provide lots of helps to their students. The ICS students get to learn many different things, not just from their teachers, but their TAs, fellow mates, and ACM activities. 

What are three good things that the UH ICS program? 

1. There are great professors who are passionate and kind but professional.

2. There are a lot of teaching assistants that understand the notions well. They are always passionate and kind to help 

confused students.

3. There are great computer labs where we can learn by ourselves and ,at the same time, learn by each other.

1) Interesting and Engaging classes.

2) Variety of subject materials taught.

3) Taught by interesting professors.

1) Gerald!

Simply put, the man knows his stuff. He provides realistic advice and his own life experiences for students to take into consideration.

2) The ACM club

I'm not sure if there are other ICS related clubs, but I think it's great that there is at least one that covers three fields of computer science. It seems like a great opportunity to connect with other students in the same shoes and a way to immerse yourself in the field if you're relatively new to it.

3) Professors and TAs

It seems like most of the ICS professors and TAs genuinely want students to succeed. The courses can be difficult, but it is for a reason. They also offer a lot of office hours and are willing to help you through email as well. 

1) There are many resources for students to use if they ever need help with courses or needs to ask about future plans.

2) In my intro experience I feel that the difficulty so far from class to class has been manageable

3) Many of the online assignments and lectures are really easy to use, and the expenses for ICS so far hasn't been overly expensive.

1.There are more opportunity for students to discuss with each other in UH ICS program and it will improve students' ability to cooperate.

2.  Job opportunity is also providing by ICS program. Students will get not only more chance to contact campany with ICS position but also advice on their future careers

3. Students can get help to improve their study from professor, TA, their classmates or anyone in ICS program. This is a big family and people here will help each other.

1) There are many available resources to all ICS related students from professors to TA which is very reassuring especially when getting to harder courses.
2) Gerald is such a good advisor and helped plan on what would be ideal for my time in college as well as so many others in such a helpful way
3) there are many opportunities through clubs to get more outside of class experience with many of your peers

Three good things that the UH ICS program are providing for the students:

1) The environment, professors, tools, and resources to help us succeed are available to all students to use.

2) The professors really show their understanding of their subjects and teach your the skills that will be required of you in the future. They also emphasize how experience, connections, and practice are only going to help you in the long run.

3) Constant communication and notifications are being told to the students to offer them various opportunities and offers that are available for their benefit.



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