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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Through the perspective of a computer engineering student, I think the information and computer sciences (ICS) program has a fervent faculty, an excellent curriculum and a multitude of resources.

 Firstly, I have heard nothing but positive ravings of fervent computer science professors. Common reviews include mentions of professors having extensive passion and knowledge in the class they teach. They are also renowned for their engaging and well-structured classes.

In addition to having a fervent faculty, computer science courses also have an excellent curriculum. Compared to the engineering classes, the class curriculum and schedule is clear and structured due to, I think, the adoption of the Morea framework. The professor can easily consolidate all of the course material into one platform, including all of the assignments, readings and dates.

Furthermore, the ICS program has a multitude of resources for the students. For example, there are a variety of clubs pertaining to subfields within computer science. Under the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), there are algorithms, hacking and game development clubs. Students are given the opportunity to both network with others and learn new material in the areas they enjoy.

There are always going to be good and bad things about a program wherever you go.  I think one of the good things about UH's ICS program is that we have knowledgable professors who take the time to explain and make sure you understand the criteria.  Another great thing about the program is the variety of courses you are free to take when you get into the 400+ levels.  The last thing would be how much the professors want the student to succeed and how well they prepare you as well as showing you the different clubs available.

1. ICSpace being practically open 24/7. It provides a place where I can interact with other students, work on projects, ask for help, or even just socialize!

2. We are exposed to a variety of languages through required courses (Java, JavaScript, C, C++, etc...). If anything, the courses teach me just enough about the language where I can understand the foundation/basics and self teach myself the rest through YouTube and trial and error! (:

3. The flexibility of the BA General degree. It allowed me to double major, and if it weren't for me being indecisive in my first 2 years, I would have been able to graduate in 4 years instead of 5. Regardless, I'd say entering the ICS program in my Junior year and being able to graduate in 5 years is pretty great! 

1. Almost every industry needs computer related skills to some degree. So theoretically you can get a job in almost any industry.

2. It has a high salary and high demand and further more it is unlikely to be replaced by automation and such. Meaning it is more likely to be a stable and sustainable job industry.

3. The skills you learn here are more than ICS. You learn problem solving and other skills that will be useful in life anywhere (say ICS is not for you) so if ICS is not your field guaranteed you will leave with a important skill.

1. Learning about the importance of time. Time is crucial to computer science. Every project I make, I need to think about its efficiency and what I can do to save time for the project. Efficiently scheduling my time every day is a part of what I learn from computer science.

2. There is a lot of work and project opportunities for students. I have taken a undergraduate research project at KCC, which is solving timetable problems by parallel programming(still doing it). It helps me to gain experience about designing and writing a project.

3. Hawaii has the best weather and beach in the world. The good environment can really help me to release my stress and stay healthy.

By being an ICS student in UH, it gave me a perspective in terms of my career and what I’m capable of. 

1. There are organizations and clubs students can join. ICS students are able to meet other ICS students with similar interests, and are able seek out opportunities in order to strengthen their skills throughout their time as an ICS student. 

2. Having a variety of classes students can take to help figure out what they want to pursue in their future. Students are able to build their curriculum in the ICS program, and decide what classes they are interested in taking.

3. Being able to have the experience of working with other people and independently.

1. Living in Hawaii

2. The opportunity to meet so many gifted and bright-minded people is awesome. From peers to professors, I am encouraged to stay on track and learn from everyone.

3. I grew up in the Bay Area with an Apple II in school, an Atari (at a friend's house), and an HP-150 at home. Having observed the huge advances in the industry over the past few decades I am excited to retrace my roots and gradually transition from end-user to contributor in this amazing field. Thinkers and doers...time to do something with my life!

One good thing that is unique to being a computer science student is that there are many materials publicly available outside of academic institutions. With the classes I've taken so far, I could easily supplement the material with online resources for free. Another upside to being a UH ICS student is that I could easily apply my learning outside of school. I could start a Github project anywhere and anytime on my laptop, unlike business or marine science majors who have to actually start their own businesses or go out to the sea for their research. Finally, U.H. at Manoa has a very valuable and active student RIO. Joining the ACM @ Manoa has allowed me to learn a lot outside of class, and many members are willing to help me with my college career. Studying computer science at U.H. at Manoa is a very unique experience.

1.) A good thing being offered are the specialized tracks that an ICS student can pick if they are interested in it.

2.) Another good thing is the quality of some of the instructors, as some have real world experience in that field, which can make classes much more informative and unique.

3.) The general track for ICS dabbles in a little bit of everything for its required courses, which can help someone find what they want to do in ICS.

1. Some tools may be available for you for free (Ex: Windows 10, Microsoft Office, ...)

2. Access to some experts in the ICS field

3. Access to competitions (Ex: NCL) that can widen your interest/meeting more people in the ICS field

Three good things about being a UH ICS student

1) We study science. We are required to take high level math such as calculus, we are also required to take physics and chemistry.  All of these subjects are extremely fascinating because once you understand them, the blinders are off and you see the world in a microscopic way. You realize something as simple as a rock is unimaginably complex.

2) If you love ICS then you are just playing all day. I love it so much that a lot of my spare time is spent learning new programming languages and methods.  Computer Science is magic and your phone is a wand.  You can control a robot in China from Hawaii with your phone wand, Harry Potter can't do that.

3) I don't care about the money side of computer science, but it's too obvious not to mention.  ICS students will make more money on average than almost any other major available.  It's very common for ICS students to receive a $70,000+ job offer soon after they graduate.

1. Having a community of experienced and knowledgable professors, CS majors and the ACM club to reach out to when we need help.

2. The many career and internship opportunities that students are often notified about through email and other UH job postings. 

3. There are a variety of courses tailored to students' interests. i.e., networking, security, game development, and more. 



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