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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. The ICS program provides a wonderful learning experience outside of the classroom, such as the ICS space where you are able to sit down in a comfortable environment surrounded by other students/classmates who are in the same field as you.

2. There are a multitude of clubs that are related to the ICS field and may peak your interest. Clubs such as the Grey Hats is a good one to join if you are into cyber security/hacking.

3. The professors/counselor are well educated and informed in the field of computer science and help to provide details of what is expected in the field. For example what you can expect to see at most job interviews.

There are quite a number of things the ICS department is doing really well. One is the creation of the ICSpace. It has a really great feel to it and there's always students or various faculty there willing to chat about computer science, help with homework or various projects or just relax and get to know each other better. 

Unlike some other departments, the ICS department has RadGrad which looks like an extremely powerful tool to help make sure students are fulfilling the various requirements they need, getting real world experience and it even lets the department see which classes they should be offering when instead of just hoping they offer the best ones for the semester.

Finally, most ICS classes have many opportunities for students to seek help. Office hours are aplenty and there are lots of different people you can explain things in different ways.

1) It is good that the courses provide lab classes, so that we can get help if we need to. 

2) By learning different program languages, we get a broader understanding of computer science.

3) We are building different plattforms to get in contact with potential future employees. 

1. Availability of professors when in need of help

2. Amazing resources available for free

3. Lab computers available when yours is down

1. We have passionate and knowledgeable instructors teaching ICS classes. 

2. No need for expensive textbooks. All material needed for the class is a somewhat modern laptop and access to the internet. 

3. Studying ICS material sets us up for a job or career in the fast-growing, dynamic field that is software engineering.

1. Learning from professionals in the industry

2. Learning skills applicable to the technology industry

3. Working with smart and driven individuals

1. Variety of clubs that are pertinent to student interests

2. An amazing Advisor

3. Free programs

1. An advisor that really cares about you and helps you figure out which path in computer science you would like to take.

2. Free softwares for students.

3. Professors who have lots of experiences in various areas of computer science and are actually passionate about the discipline. 

1.The sense of community

2. Access to UH facilities, IE Hamilton Library, IC space

3. A thorough curriculum 

  1. The ICS program arms students with a good foundation for programming, introducing C, C++, Javascript, and HTML. This helps expose students to many different facets of programming, and whether or not they wish to continue in the major, or specialize in one of the languages already learned.
  2. The 300 and 400 level ICS classes cover a broad range of topics, allowing students to explore various fields of interest as they prepare to graduate and head out into the workforce. Everything from cryptography to data science and cybersecurity can be found in the upper level and chosen as an elective.
  3. Networking with other students and professionals through events like WetWareWednesday is another big pro of being an ICS student. With the tech industry moving so fast, and lots of startup companies popping up, networking and making connections is a very important skill to have.
  1. There are many ICS related cubs such as ACM, GreyHats, Data Science and GameDev which you can join and find people who also share the same interest as you!
  2. You can always find help when you need it because everyone is so nice and helpful.
  3. You can get to learn from some super passionate professors and TAs who always welcome those who seek help or more learning and luckily the professors' and TAs' office are all fairly close so you don't have to go very far to visit each of your professors/TAs.

1) Classes help students be job-ready by teaching programming using industry standards and allows students to create a professional persona. 

2) The curriculum is structured in a way that makes progressing easier by focusing on the fundamentals before more advanced concepts.

3)Passionate instructors who care about student's success. 



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