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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. There are many extra curricular activities and clubs that teach new ideas.

2. Getting to learn from professionals that are skilled in the material, and that have experience in real world situations.

3. Being able to choose which industry you wish to work in, and learning the skills needed to be competitive in that industry.

1.) Learn useful life skills outside of programming and coding that can be very useful after we graduate from school.

2.) Learn to work well with others especially in group projects which can help make learning more memorable and fun.

3.) The whole environment of ics is great! There are lots of people awaiting to answer our questions we may be pondering about and there are many kinds of extra circular and clubs that can provide a lot of use to us.

1. I thoroughly enjoy coding and find it fun and being able to potentially make it what I do for a living is what makes ICS a good thing.

2. The many opportunities available, whether it is clubs or a job opportunity emailed by Gerald.

3. Making our professional portf.olios as apart of class and learning how to do them instead of going through them ourselves.

ICSpace, place to meet classmates and collaborate; also a good place to meet other ICS students

Gerald’s affluence emails, offers ICS students beneficial opportunities

Computer labs open for the students to use

1.) In the department there are good clubs and extracurricular activities that really help students find opportunities in the field that the classes aren't able to do so themselves.

2.)The professors in the department are very knowledgeable in the subject matter and for the most part very enthusiastic about the course they teach and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of their students in the classroom and in their future.

3.) As ICS students we have access to ICSpace, which is a very useful place to mingle with fellow ICS students and to get work done whenever you'd like, since it is open 24 hours a day. I've come to realize not all majors have a designated lounge like we do.

1. oppurtunities

2. choice in pathway (security, data science, general track)

3. External Resources such as outside mentors and intern oppurtunities

I am a computer engineering major and don't have much experience with the ICS department. I will list three things regarding the CENG department instead:

1. Hands-on learning (e.g. coding interview problems, etc)

2. Frequent career/internship opportunities provided via email

3. Smaller class sizes

1. Learning new languages

2. Smaller classes makes the class more group based with more communication, than doing things individually.

3. Opportunities given to us in class or from email that may interest us

Three good things that the UH ICS program provides for its students is:

1. There are many opportunities available to UH ICS students. Not only do we have extracurricular activities such as clubs (ACM), but as ICS students Gerald keeps us posted about various internship and job opportunities often to make sure we have as many options open to us without having to look too far.

2. Classes are difficult, however we not only have our professors to look to for help, but we also have our classmates to rely on to help us when we do not understand. Collaboration seems to be encouraged so long as we put credit where credit is due, which is a great plus. 

3. There are also many different tracks within ICS we can follow, whether it may be Data Science, Cyber Security, or even Gaming, as there are even a couple classes open for that specifically.

1. Learning how to learn new skills

2. Being able to code, makes you more useful for business which makes you more useful for yourself. 

3. Having the ability to create something out of nothing (god mode). 

Three good things:

1. The ICS program forces us to learn valuable material.

2. There are plenty of clubs here at UH, which offer us the ability to learn and educate ourselves more.

3. A lot of the content we learn from can be universally applied. 

1. Help from professors and T.A.s who have much more experience in this field.

2. Exposure to different programming languages and useful software applications.

3. Meeting other students with similar interests and career goals.



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