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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. The opportunity to study computer science in an environment such as Hawaii where the industry is still growing.

2. Many of the ICS professors at UH come from a variety of different backgrounds. These teachers are able to share their knowledge to students from various perspectives.

3. Meeting other ICS students and professionals who share the same passions.
1. It's been mentioned many times before, but nothing beats the free software that we get from MSDNAA. This is a big advantage due to the fact that we get to use and learn other (expensive) programs that can help add to our learning experience.

2. An almost guaranteed employment due to the wide range of skills that we learned in-class. Specifically with different programming language the we learned.

3. Great support from the advisor to the TA's, professors and peers alike.
1. The ICS department offers specialized courses in a variety of areas such as software engineering, database systems, security, networking, AI, and more. Unlike some universities that have the course schedule set in stone from freshman year, ICS students are able to select classes in their area of interest.

2. The majority of upper level courses include projects as a part of the course curriculum. This allows students to gain real-world practical experience rather than just learning theory and memorizing facts. For example, in this semester, I look forward to developing a high quality software system in my software engineering class, a SQL database system in my database class, and a microcomputer in my logic design & microprocessor class.

3. Some CS professors are not only interested in teaching the material, but also in helping students develop professionally in their career. For example, my algorithms professor expected more from students than in a typical algorithms course offered at other universities. In addition to learning about algorithm design and analysis, we also learned how to model real-world problems, how to write technical papers, improved our presentation skills, practiced secure coding, and actually implemented algorithms that solved unique problems that may have never been encountered before. These are skills that will definitely benefit me in the years to come.
Three good things about being an ICS student

1. You learn to effectively problem solve. Also that there's always more than one solution to a problem.
2. The variety of courses give you a wide range of different fields you might want to spend a career in. Networking, databases, web design, scripting, programming languages, mathematics, etc.
3. Whenever people ask you what you're majoring in, when you reply with "Computer Science" it always seems to be an interesting topic to anyone is not an ICS major.
hmm.. three good things about being a ICS student.

1) Being able to speak multiple languages. Not like verbal languages like Italian, Japanese or Hawaiian, but computer languages like C/C++, Java, Python, and Ruby. Being verse in multiple languages can make your resume pop out and one day become an asset to any company you would work for in the future.

2) Being able to create. ICS is one major that let you create something from you interpretation, like art. Given a task, you have to create a program that would have to complete that task. Although everyone in a class come to the same finished line, each student got there a different way.

3) Computer are the future. Being a ICS student, you gather the skill to do a multitude of different things after you graduate. Create a online website, develop software, start a business...etc. but it is all dependent on how much you know, and what you would want to specialize in.
1) Great faculty. Always there to answer questions and provide help. I know there have been quite a few times where I've asked professors and TAs for advice on projects outside of the class and they've always been glad to help. Our advisor Gerald Lau is pretty awesome, I can't remember how many times I've been to his office to make sure my schedule is on track as well as talk story in between classes.

2) Recently participated in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition on a team (comprised of all undergrads) called the UH Mānoa Greyhats. It's was a great hands-on learning experience where I got to meet more of my fellow ICS classmates. Looking forward to more competitions in the future!

3) Opportunities! I get a few emails a week regarding open ICS-related job openings. You probably couldn't find most of these jobs/internships via Craigslist on your own time. It gives me an opportunity to get my résumé out to as many companies as possible. Getting your résumé out to as many companies as possible before your graduate can't hurt.
- Well, everyone has already said it so I might as well just reiterate what everyone said. The selection of free software that comes with MSDNAA from Microsoft is nice since we can save ourselves a few hundred dollars.(e.g. Windows OS, developer tools, etc.). The only negative is that the product keys are one time use only so you have to request new ones every time you want to install the same software.

2. Great professors/instructors that teach the subject well
- I have met my share of professors where it seems like they hate teaching and I have met my share of professors who are likable since they have an enthusiasm for teaching the subject. I cannot say that having likable professors in the ICS department makes me do well in a class, but at least when they seem enthusiastic about the subject, their making an effort to have students in the class learn the subject matter.

3. Self-directed learning
- In some of our ICS classes, we are taught to do work on our own for fear of students copying each others homework. In some ways, this has taught me to become a more critical thinker since I have taken classes like this and online classes as well. Hopefully, I can apply my critical thinking skills to wherever life may take me.
1. Opportunities to learn from and with people who are excited about the field, experienced or not. This can be said in general for all studies, but being a student studying computer science has a broader range of peers--thanks to active communities on the internet. Working with peers as a student is much more fulfilling and productive than learning on your own.

2. As a computer scientist, it is never dull because it is an active field where new technologies crop up. Despite the fact that our labs aren't exactly cutting edge, understandably so due to limited resources, having the chance to learn about new and existing technologies as well as access to some of them through MSDNAA and ICS software is invaluable.

3. Although it can be quite challenging, (hopefully) learning and putting effort in something you're passionate about is the enough reason to be an ICS student
1. Because of what we are learning, we are able to troubleshoot our own computer problems at home. Where other people would have to ask and wait on someone else to help with their computer problems or even spend money and hire someone to fix it, we are able to do it ourselves and save some money.

2. Being an ICS major, people already assume you are very knowledgeable about computers. When they are having computer problems, you're the one they ask for help. In this case, being an ICS student helps you to network with others, especially since computers and technology plays a huge role today.

3. We are provided with a lot of resources. We have professors and TA's who are willing to help us outside of class and we are provided with access to the MSDNAA library with useful software which help us both academically and financially.
Be able to connect and work with other students who has the same amount of knowledge as I do. I can feel free to work with them other than being frightening after I get a job in a company. That gives me a first start to developing software in a group. Software developing has to involved more than one person, that is why as a UH ICS students, I have lots of opportunity to do this beforehand.

As a developer, I get free resources from MSDN to continue my development. As a ICS student, software that we explorer are way more than other people in terms of a simple exploration or true developing. Most of the time, software are expensive, being a UH ICS student really help a lot when I am about to develop a new application under one software environment.

Being a UH ICS student, I always get supportive help from students and professors. Professors at UH give a lot of help in my subject area.
The ICS program within the University of Hawaii system provides students the opportunity to experience software development and discreet mathmatics not offered via other departments. Additionally, as students matriculate to the Manoa campus, ICS majors can explore tracks of study such as Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, or Library Information Science. A third, and important aspect of the program is small class sizes, relative to competative schools elsewhere.

1. Broad variety of ICS courses in different topics such as security, human computer interaction etc


2. Learning skills that helped me applied it to other course. Last semester I created an Applet version of a game similar to Jeopardy for my American Studies class. The project was intended to give classmates the experience of something different than just normal board game.


3. Professors are helpful and encourage you to join certain groups to assist us in our future ICS career.



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