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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Three good things about being an ICS student?  We get to learn how the technology we use every day and every hour of our lives works, and what it takes for our electronic devices to function.  Another good thing would be the people you get to meet are all devoted to the program and into it.  The last thing could be the lifelong relationships you could form with other people in the program.

1. Wide variety of upper-level classes that cover many different topics.

2. Professors often allow for some amount of creativity in their assignments.

3. Computer science can be applied to almost any industry, creating more job opportunities.

My 3 Good things about being an ICS Student:

1. RadGrad is a really helpful tool to plan and aim for goals and guide our way through the Computer Science course.

2. Having free access to the software included in the Microsoft Imagine accounts is useful.

3. The ACM club is a sizeable club with many different special groups that can help others explore interests.

1. The UH ICS Community is very interactive so it is easy to build connections which will be very helpful in the long run. 

2. The UH ICS Community also provides many helpful tools in order for us to succeed. Whether it be by encouraging us to join clubs or through free tools/software.

3. Since there are so many people that can help you, whether it is a fellow student or a professor, you will definitely learn a lot as long as you put in the effort.

1. Professors, TAs, and ATAs are generally available for assistance and willing to go the extra mile to assist students in need.

2. There is a broad overview of CS topics (software development, algorithms, machine learning, data bases, etc.) offered.

3. Most class syllabi offer relevant class assignments/projects that are non-theoretical and applicable to activities done outside of school, such as creating a video game or making a website.

1. The ability to learn the fundamentals and how to apply them to create things. 

2. It forces you to learn things that you might not like, and would skip over on your own, but are extremely useful.

3. The ability to network with future peers. Having a good network is essential nowadays.

-demanding projects for students in their program affording opportunities to really learn material in depth and forcing them to gain a wealth of knowledge.

-Access to free microsoft office packages

-free access to Jetbrains IDE software

1) Although I mentioned in the "bad things" section that material prices can be an issue, there are times when some materials are just provided for students.

2) The material taught in classes are informative and well explained, thus providing good education.

3) Although it's not always true for all professors and teacher assistants, they do provide a good amount of help outside of classrooms for topics students have trouble understanding and such.

1. The enthusiasm from advisors, peers and professors to help fellow students is inspiring. For being so far from the main hub in the mainland, there is a growing group with a lot of devoted interest.

2. A structured general studies track. It certainly helps to know exactly which classes to take as it applies to all campuses in the UH system.

3. Many programming challenges and events. Additionally, the ones that are sponsored by companies are made well known.

1. Plenty of opportunity to get help/support from classmates, professor, and TAs.

2. Communication with classmates and professor to a great extent is available.

3. Free learning materials are available.

1. Networking with other ICS students for future connections in the industry.

2. Plenty of support from the faculty and professors.

3. The ability to join ACM to further connect with other students and connect with major companies.

1. Previous posts state that the UH ICS program is too broad. But with new tracks focusing on data science and the security track are great for students who are looking for specialized areas of learning, but for other students (like me) the general track gives us the opportunity to explore different aspects of computer science.

2. Many of the ICS professors seem to have pedagogy such as flipped classrooms, or an athletic approach that differs from the traditional classroom setting, which may be beneficial for the students to learn more effectively.

3. I love the flexibility of the program! I was in engineering before, and every time I went into advising, I was told there were certain semesters classes were taught and if I can't stay on track, I'd fall behind on graduation.



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