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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Intelligent and articulate Professors who are willing to help but not give out answers.

For me, having to grind through a problem and explain it myself is one of the reasons I'm in computer science. 

2. TA's that are incredibly helpful to talk to and aspire to be like. 

Many of the TA's I've had in the few classes I've had have been incredibly wonderful, understanding, helpful, and inspiring in my ICS journey. I aspire to be able to be like them.

3. Gerald Lau our Lord Hokage.

If any of you haven't had the pleasure of talking to Gerald yet he's a great man to have as the ICS advisor. Incredibly helpful and a fun guy to be around. 

1. The professors are experienced and interesting.

2. Learning practical and theoretical concepts.

3. The ICS space is cool.

1. Professors and counseling give a lot of information and insight into the tech/CS industry. On many certain topics that are discussed in class, the professors that I've had were able to give examples of how the topic we're talking about relates and how it's used in the real world. Makes it a lot easier to understand the topic, especially if it's theoretical when you have a real-world example you can compare it to. 
2. I really like the "flipped" classroom style some classes of mine used. I personally have a hard time taking notes and being able to completely focus on the lecture at the same time, so having screencasts that I can rewind back however many times I want is extremely helpful.
3. My ICS classes really push me to become a learner. The quizzes and group work really force and pressure you to understand the concepts.

1. Learning with many others in the field

2. Many good resources can be found online

3. Fun to problem solve (sometimes)

1) TAs who provide extra help outside of class by explaining the material in a different way or help guide you to solve a problem.

2) Job opportunities along with internships.

3) A lot of the learning material is available for the students online i.e. textbooks, lectures, screencasts, etc.. 

1) The difficulty of the classes is very helpful and challenging. Taking ICS 212 last semester took up a lot of time, but it helped me with my time management skills and my approach when it comes to projects.

2) Many of the professors that I have had so far were pretty open to questions from the students.

3) The student community on campus is really great. There is a lot of opportunity to learn in different clubs that you can join.

1. Lots of the classes take into account that some people are going in with zero coding experience (me, when I first joined the CS department), and I appreciate that teachers take the time to teach the basics even though many other students probably have tons of experience on their own.

2. The ICSpace is a great place to study, make friends, and ask peers questions about different ICS topics. Not all departments can say that they have a student lounge like that. I think that the ICSpace creates a great community that could become even better if students are more welcoming to newcomers.

3. Many of the professors are very approachable in a way that makes it easy as a student to come and ask questions without feeling worried that they're going to look stupid. I think it's important to have personable professors to build a foundation of trust with students.

1. Learn how to create your own video game by programming
2. Have a deeper understanding about how modern technology works.
3. Get to know and work with smart and cool people.

1) While taking ICS 111 and 211 I had the opportunity to work in what was called "open lab" almost every Friday night. During these open labs, I had access to 111 and 211 teaching assistants who were always open to answering questions that I had. This helped me understand the content that I was being taught and helped me do better in my ICS classes in general. 

2) The ICSpace is a great place to study, collaborate, ask questions, or even make new friends within the field. 

3) The third good thing that the ICS program provided for its students was access to the computer lab during my introductory lab courses. This can be helpful for those who did not have access to their own laptop at the time. 

Three good things about being ICS students:

1) If I encounter something difficulties, I can always find a solution online.

2) Improve my understand skill. Online resources cannot be copied and pasted directly and used on my own code. I need to understand the principle.

3) I feel like ICS student do not need to write too many essay. Most of time spend on coding and solve the loop.

1. Learning Variety of coding language

2. Meeting new people that have the same interest as you in ICS.

3. Being able to make games in ICS111 in Jason's class.

1) Definitely the resources available to us such as all the emails Gerald sends us and somewhat free software.

2) The amount of great minds you can talk to, collaborate, and form networks with and the amount of passion of each of them.

3) Building off 2 and the fact that everyone wants to help eachother and that professors are super passionate about their teachings.



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