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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Professors with occupational experience. I have had many professors that have had actual work experience in the ICS field that were able to give us more insight and knowledge on the course material. This can eventually be an advantage when networking for internships or a career position.

2. Usage of different learning techniques. This semester I am taking ICS 311 and ICS 314 where both professors are using the "flipped" classroom to better utilize class time for collaboration and group exercises/projects. These skills will come in handy for our future careers in ICS when having to work in teams.

3. Options for online courses. I took complete advantage of the online ICS courses that were offered at UH because it was really convenient for me. Nearly all of my lower-level ICS courses were online, which I think will now help me with the "flipped" classroom styles used in my upper-level ICS courses since the lectures/learning material is online.

1. Gerald Lau, that man is a legend.

2. I think It's great that AI and Machine Learning courses are provided.

3. The collaboration between the mathematics and ICS department in terms of minoring and double majoring has resulted in an incentivizing integration.

1. One thing that I appreciate about the UH ICS program is the inclusion of group work and in-class discussions as a part of the learning process. Not does this make the learning experience more enjoyable, but it also incentivizes students to study more effectively in order to contribute to their group.

2. Something else that I appreciate is the faculty. In particular, I appreciate how the professors are receptive to feedback and are willing to experiment with different teaching methods. I admire their constant dedication to improving the experience for future students.

1. There is a great ICS community at UH. Resources are easily accessible and there are numerous ways to contact professors or fellow peers. The work environment is very friendly. TechHui is one such example. 

2. Great variety in courses. There are mandatory courses in the first two years of ICS. However, when the 400 classes are reached, there are many diverse courses. Students do not need to follow the same course path as everyone near the end. Students have the ability to branch out and choose what they want to do. 

3. Great professors/TAs and small "population" of students (compared to other departments). Professors are very helpful and descriptive in their teaching. Due to the smaller population of students in this department, professors or TAs have more time to help each student. ICS can be challenging after all, and access to any form of help or guidance is crucial. 

  1. The ICSpace is great for studying, collaboration, and hanging out with other ICS students.
  2. There are a variety of interesting upper level courses we can choose to take.
  3. Students have easy access to job/learning opportunities, internships, and more through the ICS slack and Gerald's emails. 

On the flip side, the satisfaction of finally solving the problem, learning creating efficient and elegant solutions is one of my favorite things about being an ICS student. I think this time is an incredible opportunity to develop problem solving skills that apply to my coding skills, future career and everyday life. Also, I believe that building a background in technology will give me the power to make significant impacts in any job or industry I choose to work in.

1. Tries to prepare us for the real world by making us work with other people and allowing us to gain some help from these professors that have so much experience in the field

2. There’s a variety of paths you can go down like security, networking, etc

3.  It is continuously evolving, meaning there won’t be the same material being taught every semester . You can learn non stop

  1. Professors and advisers provide a lot of information regarding internships and job openings for students throughout the whole year.
  2. Learning from extremely knowledgeable Professors and TAs who showcase an obvious passion for this field.
  3. Students are given access to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) to obtain free licensed software.

1.  Hard work is rewarded, in terms of both one's grade and experience gained.

2.  The TAs are fantastic and always reply to questions in a timely manner.

3.  The professors are nice and easy to talk to about class difficulties.

1. Research opportunities

2. The option to pursue a focus within the CS degree

3. A curriculum that not only teaches students about CS, but also prepares them for employment

As a new UH ICS student, I'm excited with all the cool things that the program has to offer! This includes:

1) Easy to Find/awesome Advising

Scheduling an appointment with our ICS adviser, Gerald Lau, was super easy and very helpful. Meeting with him helped me get a good idea about what my pathway to graduation is going to be like.

2) Passionate professors

Although It's only my first semester, so far all my professors seem interested and passionate about the material, which definitely helps motivate students to succeed.

3) Passionate students

Similar to number 2, all the ICS majors seem passionate and capable regarding CS, and it makes me want to up my game to keep up!

1) Opportunities to network and learn

I don't know about other majors, but it seems easy to find opportunities to network and learn.  There are many discord/slack groups that update you on different jobs/internship positions and professors are always helping students grow.

2) Exposure to new technologies

I'm mostly self taught in vanilla javascript, but speaking to students helped me find different frameworks and libraries that can help with my project.

3)Helpful students and professors

ICS students are very helpful and will explain things in detail.  Sometimes I find students can explain things better than my TA or professor regarding certain subjects (not that professors/ TAs are not helpful as well).



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