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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1) A lighthearted exposure to the department in the introductory classes, like making games and animations in 111 while still using core concepts.

2) Diversity of the different subfields of computer science in faculty. Each faculty member has their own area of expertise ranging from evolutionary computation, software engineering, artificial intelligence, data visualization/science, and much more. Allows students to learn about the different subfields and possibly get involved in research opportunities in those fields as well.

3) Good community. There's always resources like the uhm-ics-community channel on slack for example to post internships and job opportunities, and the acm discord for people to just talk and have fun.

1. Classwork that is at the right level: challenging but not overwhelming. It’s usually difficult but just within reach.

2. Experience with a wide variety of different technologies and languages, or in other words, a solid foundation to build a career on.

3. Less anxiety about the future: it seems proficiency with technology becomes more important every day, so the core knowledge and experience acquired being an ICS student provides stability in fast-moving times.

1. Classes are career-oriented and hone in on specific skills required in ICS.

2. Team-oriented assignments promotes productivity and prepares students for the workforce.

3. Many professors adopt a modern teaching style such as the flipped-classroom as opposed to classic lectures which are less engaging.

1. I think every computer science program can give the students a challenging but worthwhile curriculum. The curriculum should stimulate students to succeed in learning from difficult obstructions and train the problem-solving skill. Here is one of the various excellent things the UH ICS program equips its students.

2. The Professors and TAs are really easy to questions and helpful. There are usually more than a professor teaching about the material in classes. The testing is challenging but it links to what was learned in class.

3. Additionally, many occasions to develop your professional social network was produced by the UH ICS program. Students are inspired to join the professional group where they can not only reach to other students but also have chances to meet with experts in the field now. The department also notified and supports students to compete in coding contests as well.

1. The knowledge gained from taking CS classes will help me in the future because they help me learn important CS concepts.

2. Group projects allow students like myself to build bigger projects because the work can be divided up

3. Projects are helpful in gaining problem-solving skills that are necessary for solving bigger questions in computer science

1) Our advisor Gerald always posts up job offers and or presentations that are available for the program.

2) Unlike other schools, we have the opportunity to get into our degree and not have to apply for it.

3) I feel like we have a good teaching and learning community.

1. Instilling the value of good time management. If you don't start on your projects early, you probably won't finish them in time.

2. Forcing you to collaborate and interact with others in order to achieve a common goal.

3. Sparking creativity and a long drawn out thought process.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1.  I find that the professors and TA's are very knowledgable and helpful.  They are always willing to help you with assignments and even personal projects you may be working on.  I have learned so much simply because the professors are wonderful at teaching the information and are experts in their fields.  They have helped me tackle challenging courses while balancing the schedule of a full time student.  I also like how most of the professors and TA's are flexible and will work with you when things out of your control happen.

2.  I think the 24/7 ICS space in POST is very beneficial.  It provides a study space, presentation space, etc for students.  It is also helpful to study there and be able to meet other ICS students.  It helps build a more collaborative community within the entire program and department.  I hope more students utilize it and help one another with their difficult courses.

3.  The counseling services for the ICS students are great as well.  I have stayed on track with my program, added a second major, and found on campus opportunities just from attending academic counseling.  Any time I have a problem, question, or simply don't know what I am doing, the ICS academic counselors are extremely helpful.  They have been far more helpful than my academic counselors were in California and I am very thankful for that!

1. The ability to learn from experienced/professional professors and those who have been in the industry help us students understand what our future is going to be like. 

2. Being a UH ICS student helps to create good foundations, skills, and habits that are going to help us when we enter the workforce. Time management, problem solving, and teamwork are just a few examples. 

3. Help is always available. 

#1) Every ICS course I've taken so far has been thought provoking and challenging, thank you faculty for reassuring that I'm where I belong.

#2) I'm so great-full to have learned the C Programming language, should never be done away with, no matter how much everyone complains.

#3) Gerald Lau, he's friendly, he's thoughtful, he's always willing to talk or help, and he tells great stories.

1. You learn a lot about not just knowing how to code, but about the industry and what it really is like to work in groups and using certain IDEs.

2. There are a lot of classes to learn CS from all the different types of languages.

3. The classes seem updated, using modern technology to teach us how it really would be like to have a job in the industry.

1. Students in the UH ICS program learn how to improve on their interpersonal skills. We learn to get more comfortable with others and communicate with them. Communication allows others to work together to complete difficult tasks while also expanding their network of people. 

2. You learn how to manage time better rather than procrastinating like most of us are used to doing. Along with other classes in the semester, managing time is an important thing to handle. This helps us have the right amount of time to work on a project or homework assignment. Coding/programming isn't always easy for everyone, so others need more time. 

3. There is always help available. The TAs and the professors understand that computer science may not be easy for everyone and they are there to support us with different types of knowledge. 



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