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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Good Things About the UH ICS Program:

1. Provides a good amount of programming experience.

2. Encourages cooperation.

3. Higher level ICS courses are available to Computer Engineering majors, giving us a chance to take courses that use a wider variety of programming languages.

1. I get to network with students that also share the same interests as me.

2. I find I can apply the skills I learn in class to side projects that I do for fun.

3. I enjoy downloading the student versions of expensive programs for free because I have a UH email.

It allows me to learn programming and other technology oriented skills in school
The faculty are all very enthusiastic about the program, and are great at teaching
It's Hawaii what's not to like?

1. the teachers I have had are all pretty good. they explain the content enough and you can always go ask for help after.

2. The ICS space is pretty cool as just a place to relax or work when you're waiting on your next class.

3. The advising has been great in pointing me in the right direction.

1. The problem solving skills you learn can be useful in other areas

2. Helps improve personal skills such as time management, organization, and determination because of how difficult and time consuming the courses can be

3. Many resources and ways to learn material/get help

1. The professors are very enthusiastic about their work and the TA's and professors are usually readily available if assistance is needed.

2. Having an ICS program in general on the island I grew up in allowing me to develop the skills I need without having to leave home.

3. We learn skills that prepare us for when we leave college. For example, we may receive assignments geared towards work similar to that of a professional setting.

Three good things about being an ICS student at UH Manoa are:

1. Having the option of taking a lot of classes online is really beneficial for my schedule and the way that I learn. 

2. The ICS space that is allocated for us UH ICS students, is a great resource to connect with other students that share the same interests that I do.

3. Above all, the academic advisers in the ICS department are extremely helpful and always welcome walk-ins when any of us need help. 

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

I am a domestic exchange student here for the Spring 2018 semester only, so my views and opinions are limited.

1) Preparation for tech industry discourse. I liked the experiences it gives students regarding post-college life.

2) Variety of CS courses. I liked the range of topics the department had to offer. I also enjoy the various professor backgrounds.

3) Good professors. Each professor I've had so far is invested in their students. 

1) The opportunity to get involved in ICS related activities outside class

2) Information which might help lead to a career in ICS

3) A lot of great professors who help their students to succeed in ICS

1) A lighthearted exposure to the department in the introductory classes, like making games and animations in 111 while still using core concepts.

2) Diversity of the different subfields of computer science in faculty. Each faculty member has their own area of expertise ranging from evolutionary computation, software engineering, artificial intelligence, data visualization/science, and much more. Allows students to learn about the different subfields and possibly get involved in research opportunities in those fields as well.

3) Good community. There's always resources like the uhm-ics-community channel on slack for example to post internships and job opportunities, and the acm discord for people to just talk and have fun.

1. Classwork that is at the right level: challenging but not overwhelming. It’s usually difficult but just within reach.

2. Experience with a wide variety of different technologies and languages, or in other words, a solid foundation to build a career on.

3. Less anxiety about the future: it seems proficiency with technology becomes more important every day, so the core knowledge and experience acquired being an ICS student provides stability in fast-moving times.

1. Classes are career-oriented and hone in on specific skills required in ICS.

2. Team-oriented assignments promotes productivity and prepares students for the workforce.

3. Many professors adopt a modern teaching style such as the flipped-classroom as opposed to classic lectures which are less engaging.



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