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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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The selection of upper division classes. When looking at the upper division classes in ICS, I found many interesting topics that I would take if I was not graduating this semester. 

1. A focus on subjects besides coding like team work, project management, and networking.

2. Letting us know about opportunities available to use in our field. 

3. While the work is hard, I do feel a sense of accomplishment when doing well on projects that I've sunk days into.

Three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students are,

1. Challenging courses, I like the fact there are some really challenging class in UH ICS that required deep think and time investment. Mostly of the time, you will learn more than what you expect and not just ICS materials. 

2. Diverse experiences, every class have their unique style and always try to expose student to try different language and program. Learning programming language more easier the most language you know and it is always good to "learn" how to learn.  

3. Team working, project and assignment in group are great way for me to learn what I am missing. I like there are a lot of professor that encourage student working as a group in class or out side of class. Not everyone is perfect, so it is really important to work and help each other.  

1. The upper level classes have a variety of different, interesting topics that I sincerely look forward to taking. The fact that there are so many different classes can allow students to become well-rounded in the field. 

2. Gerald always sends emails or slack notifications about different opportunities in computer science. This makes it easier for us to see what kind of jobs or internships are available and allows us to prepare for them. 

3. Between the ICSpace, ACM club, and Greyhats club, it is easy to get involved with the ICS community on campus. The clubs, especially, allow one to improve their computer science skills outside of the classroom, while the ICSpace makes it easy to focus on ICS related projects and also get help from one's peers. 

The support system through faculty and student participation is something I find to be invaluable to my learning experience in the ICS program. There are also opportunities to learn a wide variety of specialties in the field through the upper division course framework. I have also found the UH Manoa faculty to be very passionate about their field and therefore teach enthusiastically.

1. The feeling of accomplishment when spending hours on a project and finally seeing the product of all my hard work. Completing projects that could possibly be used by real people is a fantastic feeling. 

2. One thing I didn't expect to learn in the ICS program at UH was about the industry itself. For example, in ICS 314, we are taught about having a professional persona and a professional portfolio.

3. The professors that are a part of the ICS program are enthusiastic and want you to see you succeed. The atmosphere that  the professors build in the classroom is welcoming and kind, but very much serious. It creates an interesting dynamic that allows everyone to show their skills as a student and computer scientist. 

Professors are definitely one of the good things the UH ICS program is providing for its students. They are very driven and enthusiastic in the material that they are teaching. Definitely tries their best to support and help the students to succeed.

1. The faculty is great and has lots of experience working for prestigious employers in the field. Their authority and credibility are undisputed.

2. The program is affordable for in-state students, unlike some private colleges.

3. It provides access to groups like ACM and Grey Hats, and events like hackathons. This gives students a chance to hone their skills and create professional connections.

1. Great professors that are passionate about the subjects they teach.

2. Resources for students such as licenses to software.

3. Career opportunities are everywhere.

1. Learning not only toolkits like programming languages, but also gaining knowledge on how to critically think and apply the tools we know, as how to learn on our own, and how to expand our basic knowledge to things we don't know, which will be useful to staying relevant and up to date in the industry.

2. The Professors and TAs are always very open to questions and helpful. Classroom environments are often more than just a professor lecturing about whatever and testing you on problems that are difficult to link to what was learned in class. Due to this, tests and homework feel very fair (not designed for people to fail), even if they're challenging.

3. Lots of emails about extracurricular activities and work opportunities from Gerald.

  1. Being able to be surrounded by other people who are learning programming. Originally coming from Leeward and having the classes online, it was very hard to actually see and meet someone that programs. But in UH, you meet so much people, especially in the lounge. It feels nice to  see people learn with you.

  2. The faculty helps out their students. Allowing us to be more flexible with our schedules with overrides. Plus, the degree itself is pretty flexible. It’s one of the reasons I chose ICS as a major.

  3. We do challenging and time consuming work that crush people’s souls. Our major is different from a lot of majors and we can create cool stuff.

1. The main thing I believe any program of computer science should provide their students with is a challenging but rewarding curriculum This curriculum should challenge students to overcome difficult obstacles and nurture the problem-solving ability. When a student starts to really dig deep and understands the theories and concepts, they should be able to conceptualize/visualize problems in a "computer scientists" perspective. This is one of the many good things the UH ICS program provides its students.

2. The UH ICS program also provides many opportunities to expand your social/professional network. Every semester students are encouraged to participate in the ACM or the Grey Hats clubs where they can not only meet with other students but have opportunities to mingle with professionals in the field now. Take that one step further; the department keeps students informed and encourages them to participate in coding competitions every semester as well.

3. Another good thing about the ICS department is our academic advisor. He is very knowledgeable about the program and course material, but above all he is very approachable. While keeping a friendly report with the students; he still is very busy creating new opportunities within the program.



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