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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. I appreciate it a lot when professors give grades without the +/- system. It definitely takes some of the stress out of passing the class and helps my GPA if I'm more on the lower end of the letter. (What would be awesome though is if we could only take away the minus system (keep the plus) because there can be a big difference, for example, between a B and B+ or a C and C+). 

2. Since classes tend to be more hands on were we actually code (instead of mainly learning code from a textbook or video) it's very good for building the muscle memory when it comes to actually coding without a step by step process on how to do it. 

3. It's nice that we have a lounge area for ICS students in the POST building where we can work in a good environment as well as ask someone for help whose possibly has more knowledge/ experience.

1) A lot of great opportunities to gain experience. This is events to help further projects or even talking with professionals in specific fields within the general Computer Science field.

2) Gives insight to various routes we can take within the Computer science field. (IT, Security, Software Engineer, game development, etc.)

3)Gives hands on skills that you will be using later on in our career. (teamwork, etiquette, coding ethics, etc)

1. The professors have background experience/real world experience in the field. 

2. Access to additional software. 

3. Challenges our computer science mindset. 

  1. Gerald always sends or forwards emails about hackathons, jobs, and events related to ICS (career fairs, NCS, CTF, etc)
  2. The site powered by the morea framework, once gotten used to, is useful for reviewing content from upper division classes.  It also contains the syllabus for (if not all) most ICS courses at UH Manoa.
  3. There are seminars held in the ICS space, and often times, there is pizza.  Also, when it is restocked, the ICS space sells some of the same snacks as the vending machines, but for a significantly cheaper price (50cent poptarts).

1. A background in computer science

2. ICSpace to talk to each other and study

3. Different options to go into such as security

1. Definitely challenges you to find new and more efficient ways to handle problems.

2. A lot of opportunities to grow (Gerald spam).

3. Usually TAs are good with providing help.

1. Good work environments.

2. Great and supportive professors and staff

3. Great people

1. The ICSpace is definitely a gem in the ICS program. The space provided allows students to collaborate, work, and relax with much comfort. 

2. The quality of the professors at the ICS program is very good. Although the program may not be that big, most of the professor in the program are very highly qualified and knows how to teach well.

3. The ICS program allows a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in other ways outside of classes, such as Gray Hats and ACM. Some professors even push their students to participate in these activities, further promoting the growth of the computer science field. 

1. Professors, TAs, and ICS advisors for ICS at UHM are very helpful. When help is needed, they are there for the students, and you can tell they actually care about us learning. 

2. There are more opportunities for high salary jobs after you get a degree in ICS than a lot of other majors. 

3. As an international student, a STEM major student has a longer work authorization period after graduating than other non-STEM major students. 

  1. Hands on experience with various styles of programming languages which also challenges students to be a better programmer.
  2. Majority of the UH ICS Staff is very helpful and knowledgable about the specific areas of Computer Science that they are teaching. They are also very patient and encouraging towards their students and are willing to answer any questions.
  3. Many classes require students to work in groups in various projects, which in turn helps students network and become better at working with different personalities.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1. The UH ICS program seems to offer many outlets for students to learn and communicate.

Three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students are:

1. Constant emails about job opportunities. 

2. Free Microsoft software.

3. Teachers are very helpful.



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