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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Constant stream of new projects to work on.

2. Develop skills in a field that I love.

3. Teachers and students are very diverse, leading to working with many different perspectives.

1) Networking with professionals.

2) Having the ICSpace is really nice.

3) Having a large variety of classes (though some classes get full real quick).

1. You get a lot of respect from other people in the industry. There are many talking points you can exchange with others when networking.

2. You get to create things to improve your own life (and possibly other people's lives too.

3. There are so many doors open for your future. You get to choose how you are gonna build your life.

Good things that the UH ICS program offers include but are not limited to the following:

1. It has an excellent academic adviser, Gerald Lau.
One thing that sets Gerald apart from other advisers in a positive way is that he is very personable. He prefers to forgo the formalities, so instead of calling him Mr. Lau, he would rather be called Gerald, or in my case, Gordo. This notion cultivates a deeper bond, and makes students feel comfortable enough to return to him with their concerns, whether they may be academically relevant or not. Gerald is also very helpful. He usually responds to one’s concerns by email promptly. Even if one did not make prior arrangements to meet with him at his office, he is usually available for spontaneous consultation. The students of the ICS program at UH are fortunate to have an academic adviser that is highly responsive and available, provides the assistance needed, and gives sound guidance. Gerald can be entertaining too; he often shares a story about an experience to offer insight relevant to one’s concern. To add to why he’s great, Gerald also informs students of various opportunities including those related to scholarships and internship or career opportunities via email, which can be very useful.

2. It is made up of great professors.
If one were to do a little research on the professors that teach within this program, he or she will find that all the professors are highly qualified. Many of them come from respectable schools or have had experience working at respectable companies related to the computer science industry. More importantly, the professors within this program are great at what they do as professors. Their classes are generally structured in a way that is not only organized, but also promotes an efficient and effective learning environment for its students. Furthermore, based on my own experience, all of professors I’ve encountered in this program have been responsive and make themselves available to help if needed.

3. It has helpful teaching assistants.
I have found the teaching assistants I encountered to be quite helpful. There were times when the assistance I received from a TA ended up being more insightful than when the professor had taught the material. The fact that they are available and able to offer this kind of assistance has had a positive impact on my level of understanding and success in this program. The TAs I have worked with also respond to inquiries quickly.

1. Have a good direction of programming styles and current languages professors recommend that are used widely on the professional side.

2. Projects that simulate possible demands from clients and companies in the work field. Also give us the feeling when we are under pressure as the real world have no mercy for missed deadlines or failed programs.

3. Its challenging and I learn every time I struggle. Its self rewarding when you make something works and when it does, you get that Eureka! moment.

1. Being able to take courses in diffrent areas of computer sicence.

2. Being able to study from other students.

3. Always have TA for extra help

1.  Learning relevant programming languages and concepts that will prepare us for jobs in the future.

2.  Staff in the department care about the students and genuinely want to help them succeed.

3.  The courses are filled with challenges that require you to think critically and use the skills that you developed, rather than testing your ability to memorize information.

1.  Having a wide variety of ics classes gives students the ability to choose a specific area of study within the field.

2.  Professors and TAs are there for help both in and outside of class.

3.  Courses are extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding.

1) Computer Science is a very fruitful and compelling field! Through logic and creativity, we can accomplish almost anything! From solving practical problems to expressing oneself through art, Computer Science really is the STEM field for anyone. 

2) This is a major that can really push you to improve! As I have been proceeding through the curriculum I have found my self becoming a better Computer Scientist. This drive to improve further drives my ambition to learn even more. And being surrounded by faculty that cares for the students is, to be frank, amazing. 

3) Programming is fun! Its as simple as that. It looks cool. It can make cool things. And above all, it allows you to see a world in different light. 

1. ICS professors and TA's are always willing to help out their students and make time for them. No matter how many times I would come in for office hours, they were always eager to help me understand the material. 

2. The UH ICS program helps students learn to not procrastinate and to be self-directed learners. Most of the classes are flipped, so students are to learn the material on their own by reading texts and watching screen casts at home and come to class ready to do exercises and activities. Most assignments given to ICS students take days to complete and are very challenging so students are forced to manage their time wisely and start on their assignments early.

3. UH ICS advisor, Gerald Lau, is a huge perk to the ICS program. He genuinely cares for students and always makes time to make sure they are on the right path. He gives out great advice and also updates us on new job opportunities and internships. 

1. Most of the professors actually seem to care that you succeed in class and outside of class. Professor not only promote the importance of the material that they are teaching, but also promote activities that are not school related.

2. The ICS department seems to accommodate the students with things like ICSpace or even the POST building in general, which has very appealing rooms.

3. The benefit of having a class like ICS 314. In some other fields, you might not know how to present yourself to the business world and create a professional persona, and ICS 314 fills that void in knowledge.

Being a Computer Engineering, this is the first ICS course I've taken here at UH Manoa. Thus far:

1. I'm learning a new language JavaScript as opposed to only C, C++, and Python in the Computer Engineering curriculum. 

2. My classmates seem to work very well in teams and are very friendly.

3. I feel like Professor Johnson wants us to succeed and do well.



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