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What am I missing?

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My RSS feed list is long but here are just a few that I read: top page has some interesting tech stuff sometimes.

mostly personal blogs..
Reflective Perspective is one of my favorites.
I read TechCrunch every morning. Its the WSJ of the web world.

Schneier on Security...

And this complements the above blog nicely, too.
For advertising and monetization, I read Andrew Chen.
For general design, Smashing.
For typography, Typesites.
General tech, ReadWriteWeb.
Mashable too.
A couple of less known or perhaps less considered sites:

Raganwald: a developer in Canada who routinely has deep insights into software development issues

Skrenta: a super smart guy with obviously deep expertise

Paul Buchheit: every so offers great insights
Ted Dzubia: he's the guy from Uncovd, known for ripping tech companies based on deep technology expertise

Umair Haque: maybe the best analyst on the economic impact of technology

Fake Steve Jobs: despite the satire, frequently offers great analysis of technology trends and because he is a satirist, he is free to say things other people would not dare to say
Coding Horror is probably my favorite.

Other than that:

Wired's current stories.

The enigmatic Ze Frank.

Ted has some AMAZING lectures on tap.
i read a lot of blogs, so instead of sharing the blog sites here is a summary of my "shared" blogs via google reader: my shared items
I like, they have a lot of tech and science news. Also another useful one is, great software tips and how to articles.

Thanks for the Web Worker Daily and Coding Horror links, i haven't heard of these sites before.
FYI, if you like Coding Horror, Joel Spoelsky (of Joel on Software fame) and Jeff Atwood (coding horror) have a new podcast called Stack Overflow which is fun. They are launching a site called sometime that they intend to be like, the ultimate developer wikipedia/experts exchange type site.

Coding Horror on twitter is really interesting too as Jeff is a voracious web reader and posts all kinds of interesting (albeit often, useless!) links
Hah! I played silly arcade games and hung out with the founder of Tech E Blog for a few hours one night in 2007 while I was visiting a mutual friend in Orange County. Really nice guy.

Daniel Leuck said:
I read TechCrunch every morning. Its the WSJ of the web world.


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