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Aloha !

As fellow technology enthusiasts, we would like to ask for your assistance.

Hawaiian Hope is a non profit organizations that specializes in technology. Our primary focus is in providing technology service to other non profit orgs, and in particular, those serving the homeless population. Part of what Hawaiian Hope does is: using donated computers we build computer labs in homeless shelters and provide computers to people to take with them once they find a place to live on their own.

AS all of us in the technology field are well aware of, many of the jobs now available can only be applied for by using the internet. As an example, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and many hotel chains no longer accept paper applications, and instead, require all job applicants to apply for jobs through their companies website.

Likewise, many school children are routinely assigned homework with the assumption they have a computer at "home" and internet access whenever they want. If you were not aware, Hawaii has over 700 children living in homeless shelters and according to the DOE's own records, Hawaii had over 2,400 children enrolled in schools that are known to be homeless.

Through the efforts of Hawaiian Hope and building our computer labs, we hope to have a positive impact into the lives of these children and their parents, to further their education and find better jobs. We respectfully ask that you join us in helping to address this critical need.

What are our needs ?

Hawaiian Hope regularly receives donations of computers and monitors and we greatly appreciate these items. We have discovered however that in the name of "security" many of the computers donated have had their hard drives and even RAM removed. This leaves us with an unusable piece of hardware that requires us to spend additional money to get to work. Even 10-20 Gig drives would be sufficient for our needs in most instances.

Likewise, while we receive computers, we have found that most people never part with their keyboards and mice as these are very personal items. In the last 50 computers we have received as donations, not one of them had a mouse with them and only 15 had keyboards. We need mice and keyboards.

On only 3 occasions have we received any type of networking equipment, and all 3 were 8 ports or less. The typical computer classroom that we assemble has at least 12 computers. Here is a photo of a classroom with 17 computers. We need hardware and cabling. A typical switch that we use is a "Linksys 24-PORT Gigabit Managed Switch."

Of course, we are still eagerly accepting regular computer donations. ALL donations may be made by contacting us and then dropping the donated items off at the Next Step shelter across from Restaurant Row.

Finally, we need volunteers. We need people willing to help in getting our many donated items working again or simply tuned up. We are also looking for volunteers to help in teaching classes, tutoring and in helping with other areas of the organization.

For more information or to offer your assistance, please contact me at : 808.352.8800 or Curtis // at // HawaiianHope // dot // org

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Aloha Curtis,

Please contact me at (808) 441-3421.

We do have some monitors available, and while it isn't exactly what you are looking for, I'd hope that your organization would be able to take advantage.

Thank You,
Aloha Curtis,

What a fantastic program! I hope you get some good responses to this post.

We are a very small company, but we do have some extra mice and keyboards for you. Also, if you need help setting up a network, give us a call: +1 (808) 393-9119.

We wish you the best of luck with this noble endeavor.

Best regards,
dan [at] ikayzo {dot} com
Thanks Guys ! And thanks to the people that have contacted me otherwise too ! Just to make this easier.... On Thursday June 5th from 9 AM till about 9 PM, I will be at the Next Step Shelter in Kakaako, across from Restaurant row. I will be meeting with people that scheduled to drop off donations and working on other things as well. If you have items you would like to drop of, just stop by, I should be there. If you get there before 5 PM I can give you a mini tour of the place too. Below is a map of where the shelter is located. (If you save the map and then open it in a graphics program, its a lot easier to make out as it is full size)

We will see you on Thursday!

All MIC tenants: We will make a run to the Next Step Project tomorrow. If you have spare computers, keyboards or mice just bring them to the Ikayzo office (suite 151) and we will take them for you.
Lance ! Thanks for the voice mail, sorry I missed you but am in a 2 day org development meeting, phone is off. I realized that I don't have your email and did not want to call your phone (in case it is your cell and it wakes you up) so I want to leave a message here. I will be available Friday after about 4 PM and Saturday till about 6pm. Drop me a line if that is cool and works for you.
Thanks for all of the monitors ! very nice !

Thanks for all of the mice and keyboards.

Just FYI, i will be at next step again on wednesday from about 4 PM on till about 8 or 9 pm if anyone cares to drop off more items.

I have a few computers that Kevin from Sprout donated. See you Wednesday!

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