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A few good places to find tech jobs and employees:

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Not Hawaii-specific resources, but:
I got a lot of recruiter contacts when I posted my resume on Dice (a.k.a. Geekfinder for User Friendly fans)
In the end though, word of mouth is the best way..
Interesting. I seemed to get the best responses when I posted to Monster in the NY and SF areas with "Will Relocate to Hawaii" in the title.

> In the end though, word of mouth is the best way..

Very true. is now an international job website, built here in Hawaii.  Free for jobseekers and employers.

Full disclosure: I am a web developer who helped build the site.


This seems like another, but more exclusive and supposedly maintains the quality of candidates.  It costs a minimum of $280 for an employer to post a job listing.  There's only 3 people from Hawaii with an account, and 1 student.  I think I'm that only 1 student so far.

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