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For the past several years, my office, the UH Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development, has conducted semi-regular technology showcases here in town to selected groups of companies that we thought might have an interest in some of the new technologies being developed at UH. Those showcases, focused solely on UH technologies, met with some limited success. However, this past year we broke out of our mold and partnered with HiBEAM, Enterprise Honolulu, and the Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation to co-host two technology showcases on the US mainland featuring UH technologies and Hawaii technology companies. Participants at the two events included Sopogy, Nanopoint (twice), Kuehnle Agrosystems, and Manoa Biosciences. At both events, we offered attendees a chance to see and hear about some of the exciting new technologies being developed in Hawaii by private companies and at UH. Attendees were, for the most part, potential investors and companies or individuals interested in new business opportunities. We've been very pleased with the results of both events, enough so that we are planning to hold at least one such event again next year on the mainland, in addition to holding an event here in state as well.

Question - have others done this sort of co-marketing of talent, technology, and opportunity? If so, what has worked well for you?

I'm really pleased to see the advent of TechHui, because we are always looking for ways to engage adidtional partners/participants/licensees in our technology commercialization activities.

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We've worked with a number of other companies at the Manoa Innovation Center in collaborative efforts. I've found MIC to be a great environment for this sort of collaboration simply because it puts young tech companies together in the same building. In addition to doing business with several of our co-tenants and providing introductions to investors, we discuss technology and business ideas with them on a nearly daily basis.
I'm really happy to see that there are a lot of informal tech events going on all the time, from "Manoa Geeks" to "Beer and Business" to "Honolulu Coders", to "Tech transfer breakfasts".

Too bad Ning didn't have a calendar system to let us unify all this.

Perhaps someone can sponsor a Google or group calendar that we can all start using to post our events. The more we get money, entrepreneurs, and innovation to meet, the more likelihood we have of spontaneous business combustion.
> Too bad Ning didn't have a calendar system to let us unify all this.

Apparently someone has written a calendar app for Ning . I'll take a look and, assuming it works well, see if we can incorporate it.
Unification is nice, but distribution is important too. If that calendar publishes a feed in ical format (or some other format that Google calendar accepts), then I would add it to my own Google calendar, where it would be more effective for me than a separate calendar on this site.
That would be nice. There may be a way to setup a Google calendar within ning using an iframe and programmatic login.
good point. there must be at least several open calendar/social calendar systems out there that generate ical feeds that we can socially populate.

the benefits of ningNess, though, is that we don't have to login w/ a separate ID.

Wonder if there's an openSocial calendar we could use? Hmm....
How does one integrate Upcoming w/ Ning?
I like Upcoming too. My contacts there have a geek bent, so I see all kinds of local events that might be of interest (as well as events in San Francisco and Austin, of course). How to integrate with Ning? Well, calendars have RSS feeds at Upcoming, and Ning has an RSS module/widget. But, does Upcoming support group calendars or calendars by tag? Or just by metro/neighborhood? I think just the latter...
I just read that the Ning platform is adding a collaborative calendar in their major spring release. It looks like our problem is solved.
I think these guys have a runaway train winner here after they add that feature. The network concept really works, meaning that once you've got a Ning id, you can join/create other networks and don't need another login/pw.
We finally have a community calendar thanks to today's Ning update. It supports open and invitation only events, maps, RSVP, etc.

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