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Came across an interesting article at CNN about freelance coders getting together to work. Here's an excerpt:
More than a decade after the Internet allowed millions of people to work at home, the next phase of telecommuting involves, well, not working at home. Organized "coworking" -- the concept of working solo alongside like-minded independents -- has spread to dozens of cities.
Full article:
Check out the narrated slideshow:
Watch CNN video:

Anyone interested in forming a "Coworking Group" or Jelly in Honolulu for regularly scheduled half-day work-times, perhaps once a month or once a week? Perhaps we can camp at Glazers. Or perhaps there would be a restaurant someone can suggest that would mind us camping out that also provides good food. One possibility is the Tropical Smoothie Cafe (88 Piikoi St across from Sears Ala Moana) which has great food and wifi provided by Skywave (1 hour free w/ purchase, but unlimited free for HawaiianTel DSL customer). Or perhaps a company would be willing to host a coworking group in their conference room once a month.

Benefits of coworking:
  • get out of the house to focus on work
  • network with other people in your field(s)
  • cross-pollination of ideas and new tech
  • collaborate

Ideas? Interest? As a chronically "nomadic coffee-bar camper", a coworking group would be great change of pace for me!

Update: Just found out about a possible Jelly in Kaneohe. Here's a video about Jelly:

What is Jelly? from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

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Hey Truman, That sounds fun.. When and Where? I'm always at some kinda coffee shop. I have one more spot on google app engine left if we wanna do something with that.

Hi Truman. Sounds really cool. Much better than working alone at home (so lonely sometimes). Glazers is great but recently seating has been difficult.
I'm interested!
What are good days and times for you guys? I'm flexible... Monday thru Friday. What do you think of doing a weekly Jelly 9am to 2pm, or so.

Lots of seating at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe with electrical outlets. I wonder if I could persuade the owner to give us free wifi for five hours!
Sounds good, and I live right by Ala Moana so most locations so Tropical Smoothie Cafe would work fine. My working at home is erratic so I may not be able to come every week, but I'm sure you'll get a following regardless.
I'm game... and I'm pretty flexible. Just let me know when and where :)
More co-working buzz ... on Web Worker Daily:

I tried emailing the owner of the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe to see if he would give more than one hour of wifi, but I haven't heard back yet. How about we try to do our first one at Glazers since most of us already go there and they have free unlimited wifi? If we start early like at 8am there will probably be enough seats available.

How's about Tuesday, June 3rd for our first Jelly co-working "meetup"? 8am to noon @ Glazers.
=( I can't make that meetup. I have to work! But, just a quick info for those who goto Starbucks. All Starbucks stores now have complimentary AT&T wifi. As long as you have a registered Starbucks Card. I just read the Employee Newsletter I tried it out at my work(Starbucks Waikele) and it works fine.
I know the owner. If you like, I can chat with him about it.
Hey Dan, that'd be great if you could get a feel for me what he thinks about the idea. Thanks!
Hey Truman !

Actually.... My org, Hawaiian Hope, we are moving into a new office space soon, right on the corner of Dillingham and King Streets. KFC, Jack in the Box, and several others are right around the corner. I have not yet solidified the floor plans, but I was planning on putting in a public computer lab with full internet access. Maybe we can offer a permanent space for CoWorking with dry erase covering all the walls ? hehehe. drop me a line and lets discuss this.
Coworking sounds like a great idea. If we didn't have an office we would definitely join you!

I'd actually rather not have an office, but we do occasionally have customers that want to visit or inquire about our location. It also sometimes helps to have everyone in the same space, especially when you are brainstorming.

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