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Has anyone used or played around with Isomorphic's SmartClient Widgets?

Has anyone used or played around with Isomorphic's SmartClient Widgets? It has recently been released as open source (LGPL'd). I'm working on a new Web site and needed the best AJAX client software I can find. I've looked at about 30 different kits and SmartClient Widgets seems to be one of the most polished kits out there.

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I haven't tried Isomorphic's SmartClient. I was just talking to Pat Niemeyer about GWT which takes the novel approach of "compiling" Swing code into AJAX. Pat is very impressed with GWT. As a Swing guru this might be worth investigating.

Seth Ladd tends to keep up on this sort of thing. You may want to chat with him.
I looked at GWT, installed it and played around with it for a few days. It has a Swing-like GUI, but it is very limited because only support a small subset of Swing. They do have a way of extending the GWT runtime with JavaScript libraries, and there are several add-ons for GUI’s that have a nicer finish and more features than in GWT. It’s also possible to extend GWT with the Isomorphic widget set, but I’m not sure if that is the way to go as this would probably be significant effort. I’ve also been thinking about writing a Groovy DSL (via their“builder” support) to map a graph into calls into the SmartClient library. There’s a number of Groovy DSLs for GUIs, including support for Swing and SWT. WingSBuilder is somewhat close to what I had in mind.

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