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I've just published a book version of the popular 12 Drawings Calendar.

The 12 Drawings are a set of thinking and planning exercises designed to enable effective planning and execution of technology efforts, as well as personal clarity for entrepreneurs. The drawings can also help you think about your career and how you will achieve the things you dream of doing.

The original calendar version (available as a 2009 wall calendar) taught you one new drawing each month.

The book version is a spiral bound personal journal with plenty of margin space for notes. When I originally developed the calendar version, I found it impossible to fit all of the content I had into the calendar format, so I had to be rather terse in my writing style. This book version provides a more complete treatment of the drawings and the thinking exercises, and especially the exploratory get-you-thinking questions that I originally had in mind. The book version also provides something else the calendar could not – space for your own drawings and notes.

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