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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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Three bad things about the ICS Program:

1) Not enough seats for certain classes. I have been wanting to take ICS 314 and ICS 332 for a while but was not able to as a sophomore. Now I am a junior and luckily I was able to get in those classes via overrides. Having extra seats or extra sections for those classes would be nice. Luckily, I still am on track for graduation despite this though I feel that ICS 314, a class that teaches professionalism and JavaScript, would have been beneficial for me to take as a sophomore.

2) More classes that focuses on UI design. Although this does seem like something that would belong in the ACM or ART department, I feel that UI iDesign s a growing field in the world of tech especially at larger companies like Google and Microsoft. Its nice that ICS 314 and ICS 464 focuses on the human aspect of design and computers but I feel that there should be some classes in the ICS department that allows students to learn more about UI Design and take on UI Design projects as undergraduates to have a decent portfolio in UI Design if they were to pursue a career in this vs. a whole bunch of students from Stanford, UW, etc. who already have a portfolio when they're applying for jobs.  

3) Interview prep. Although ICS has a variety of classes such as Software Engineering and Data Structures, I feel that there should be a class that focuses on technical interviews to prepare ICS students for internship and job interviews at bigger companies. Often times, in the 2nd round of an internship interview for one of the mainland companies, applicants have to code on a text editor via Skype and in the final onsite round, they have to code on a whiteboard in front of 4 engineers. It is also not just about finding the right answer to a problem they give but rather the best answer with the best runtime. A candidate that had a O(n log n) solution would definitely be picked over someone who did two for-loops and did a O(n^2) solution. To prepare myself for this, I often have to spend extra hours studying at home in preparation for this, so it would be nice to have a class that helps out with this like this one supplemental class they had at MIT:

  1. There could be more ICS courses that fulfil the Writing Intensive, Oral Communications and Ethics requirements. Some of these require at least a 300 level course, which usually require having taken another course in that department.
  2. When I was at Leeward Community College many ICS Courses had both a live and online section available. It would be nice if Manoa would do the same thing particularly for the prerequisite courses since online classes are flexible for scheduling.
  3. At Leeward sections that had a meeting time in a classroom and required a lot of online work were labeled as hybrid. This also included classes that used the inverted approach or when the professor decided that attending the live portion was optional. If Manoa employed a similar, if not the same, labeling system then the students would have a better idea of how the class they were registering for would be structured and prepare their schedule around that or register for a different section if a traditional section is available, allowing students to more easily choose a learning approach that they prefer.

1. For the BS degree in ICS, I dislike how we have to take Physics and Chemistry for 2 semesters with both the labs. Taking these classes take up a lot of our time and I would rather spend that time and energy in ICS courses. 

2. There should be more clubs available for ICS students to join so they can get to know their peers and work on projects together. These projects would be very useful to help students build a good portfolio and prepare for jobs when they graduate.

3. It would be nice to have tutoring services for ICS like the learning emporium for math, physics, chemistry, etc. Although ICS professors and TAs provide office hours to help us on our assignments, sometimes this is not enough. It would be nice to get a little extra help since ICS is quite a difficult major. 

1. The classes usually favor those that have past programming experience. I had no programming experience when I started this major, so I felt behind compared to other students who could finish assignments with ease because they knew what to expect in programming.

2. The grade requirements for the ICS prerequisite classes are higher than any other major that I have seen. Not meeting the high grade requirements in a certain class could delay your progress significantly.

3. To be successful, you have to also work outside of class. Your portfolio and projects become very important for your resume. This seems to be more prevalent in computer science.

I have not had much experience in ICS courses at UH Manoa because I am a Computer Engineering student. In my experience thus far, I have no experienced anything negative in Professor Johnson's class. My classmates are knowledgable and friendly, I feel like it would be unfair for me to say anything constructive about the ICS program thus far.

1. Although I understand that some professors are only available to teach in the late evening or some students prefer the late times due to other external reasons, for those of us where it takes an hour or more to commute home, having a class end at such a late time is fairly difficult. 

2. As was stated previously, it would be great if the ICS classes offered would also count toward general education requirements. I appreciate that there are some classes that do count towards a WI or O credit, but the amount of classes that do offer our very few. 

3. This only really applies for the intro courses like ICS 111, 141, 211, and 241, but I feel that the required B letter grade (not B-) can be quite stressful for students and pretty shocking as the majority of courses offered from other departments only require students to get a C to pass the class.

1) Extra help outside of classes just like learning emporium.

2) The field is definitely growing and it has been growing very well on perspective of past comments made here. I would actually like an established college of Computer Science which diversifies more specific fields with in this major. It does seem like the staff is spread out thin teaching various other low level courses on top of their specified higher level course.

3) Somewhat of a continuing point from above I think a staff increase for types of advisors would since Gerald does definitely do a good job, it just that basically ALL students have to go to him for mandatory advising/meeting which seems hard not only for him but also the students on when they have free time and can squeeze in sometime with the mandatory advising/meeting. 

-So overall an Computer Science department expansion?(Of course coming with time)

1. Offer places to study for ICS students as well as more opportunities for students to receive help like study groups etc. 

2. Incentive students to join the GreyHats and provide extra credit opportunities for participating in hackathons or side projects. 

3. Create social events for ICS students so everyone can become more familiar to each other, especially within the major. Networking is a significant skill to have. 

  1. There are too many prerequisites for upper division ICS courses (i.e. Going down a security track needs ICS 222, but also ICS 314, 311, and 212/215 is needed as prerequisites for some of the ICS courses, whereas 311 is needed for almost all of the upper division classes) and, there are often time conflicts with some of the courses.
  2. Midterms and Finals for classes that are usually taken concurrently could be scheduled better. Speaking from the experience of having midterms and finals on the same day for two ICS classes, and on a Monday, too (ICS 211 and 241, both of which are usually planned for students to take during the spring semester).
  3. Labs with lots of outlets would be nice. 

1. Updating the website to make sure that the graduation requirements are correct.

2. Offering more than one oral and ethics course

3. Consistency of classes each semester

1. You give up a lot of free time, whether it be for yourself or other classes.

2. Not enough seats for 314 so if you don't get into it, you have to rely on overrides.

3. Getting an Ethics or Oral Communications credit is a pain since most of them need prerequisite classes.

1. The UH ICS program could provide more class availability for certain courses. Classes such as ICS314 was very limited and selective, so it was hard to get into. Due to the growing field and increasing amounts of students, it would be nice to have more available courses to accommodate the growth. 

2. Other than simply making more classes available for the same subject, we could introduce new topics to the ICS program, which could potentially be taken as an alternative to some of the required courses. This would allow students to follow different paths and not all be stuck to learning the same things form the same teachers.

3. More hours dedicated to tutoring would help out the ICS students a lot. Many of the students in ICS do homework until late at night, and usually they are stuck without any help due to the hours. Although it may be hard to accommodate, it would be nice if there were tutors or upperclassmen available during the evenings to help out students who are struggling to find simple bugs in their program. 



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