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Tech and Hawaii- How to Assist Our Clients with Their Marketing Needs and Create Local Jobs

As we read alot in our local news, finding a job in the tech sector can be challenging. I remember talking to Dan and Mika a couple of years ago about what Dan first said to me was going to be the future- "New Media". At the time, I was uninformed as to the phrase, so I asked him to elucidate further.

Basically he summarized it for me as Facebook, Twitter and other forms of marketing and advertising to reach new businesses. He extended the thought to the movie industry here as well, as ways for locals to have employment and the movie industry would create jobs and employ locals.


They were absolutely right...cause its happening in a big way, right now.


Fast forward to today. Now FB has some 640 million users and TW has close to 175 million (James Kerr article in the PBN- April 8,2011). Seems like we can't turn on the news, TV, blog, social setting etc. without someone espousing the virtues of the leverage of social media in their businesses.


We've seen the Honolulu Advertiser go down, just like many other newspapers- all from Craigslist's dominance of advertising. I read about James Kerr from SuperGeeks, in last weeks PBN howto use social media to generate sales and reinforced why I'm writing this today.


When I ask alot of local businesses, why they don't have a website or don't use FB or TW or do any videos, I receive alot of responses. Some are-" I don't have time, don't know how, can't keep up, not a writer, focused on my core business" etc. They don't want to do "coding" in wordpress and rather give the money to the local yellow page representative and pray the phone rings. Blogging is something their nephew does at UH and they can't be bothered.


So, how do we accomplish two important things: one, provide the tech community with jobs with local businesses on an ongoing basis with their respective skills sets and second, enhance Hawaii and the businesses we have to help serve our clients to connect the people that are looking for their business, to find it?


One suggestion would be to look at these folks- Main Street Meets Technology


If anything, check out this FREE video series from Mike and see if you can grow your local business and expand your neighbors business. I think its worth looking into, as social media is here now, the only question will be- when will you leverage it to your customers and your benefit?


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Comment by Keith Cronin on April 16, 2011 at 8:39am

Well, if this was more exemplified than I could have imagined....On Thursday, I attended the Hawaii Social Media Seminar @ Dave & Busters.

This was a sold out event with a cast of people from as far away as Connecticut sharing their successes as well as local people helping businesses not just thrive but catapult them to the top of mind in their respective disciplines. Our local representation was fantastic as well.

Amazing tribal aspects of our DNA that seems to be exposed an harmonized via the use of social media. To me, it can be distilled down to finding folks that you have commonality with that you can share experiences with- Social media allows you to really get the message out in a highly targeted way.

Another distinction I made mingling with folks that were new to social media- they didn't have alot of previous exposure. Some didn't know what SEO was and were honest and genuinely eager to learn more, as they recognized they needed to be in it, or left behind in the wake of social media.

Alot of folks that are into tech, like myself, often need to step back and garnish a new perspective. We tend to think these things are germain to everyone, when in fact they've had little to know exposure.

So, this provides alot of opportunity for tech folks to bring the education to the ones in need.

Thanks for having this on the event calendar, or I would have not known about it!





Comment by Keith Cronin on April 13, 2011 at 8:30am


Thank you for your feedback. Look forward to the event tomorrow. I truly believe that if companies can understand, implement and continuously execute in this space, they will build their brands and elevate their visibility in the marketplace.

To me, there has never been a time in recorded history, where a home based business or small brick and mortar can have the same chances of elevating themselves in their specific genre of discipline via social media and all of its underpinnings. Between the available platforms that we are all familiar with to the technology to get video production to marketing done, we've made some tremendous strides in the last few years to get eyeballs on your business in ways that were previously unheard of, or left to the elite Fortune 1000 companies.

Comment by Dan Zelikman on April 12, 2011 at 10:56am

Thanks for the post Keith! I think it's local events like the one this Thursday at the Hawaii Social Media Seminar that can help local professionals catch up. Even just jumping on Twitter and Facebook and asking questions helps. There is a ton of local talent that is always willing to help with that first step!


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