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6 Reasons to Choose a Responsive Web Design

With the tremendous increase in the number of…


Added by Kyle H. Albert on December 19, 2014 at 12:02am — No Comments

Ubuntu for Phones

Today Canonical officially announced Ubuntu for phones  Usually a new phone OS announcement is not much to get excited about, but Ubuntu’s entry has been anticipated for years.  I am interested in this because Canonical’s Ubuntu is the most widely adopted and supported Linux distribution and they are promising a level of convergence never seen before.  Eventually Ubuntu will be able to run the same OS on…


Added by Douglas Ching on January 2, 2013 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Rise Of The Mobile Widget


Emerging Mobile News

Mobile Widgets are taking over the mobile industry and will soon change the way we use our cell phones and mobile computing devices.

Less than a decade ago our phones changed from portable telephones into mobile computing platforms providing us… Continue

Added by GenePhillips on June 18, 2008 at 3:54am — No Comments

Mobile Phones And Banking Transactions

Emerging Mobile News

Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks. Mobile payment systems, micropayments, mobile phone credit card transactions and loans. Economic impact of remittances from foreign workers using SMS credit to avoid foreign exchange transaction costs.

How biometrics fingerprint… Continue

Added by GenePhillips on April 27, 2008 at 3:15am — No Comments

The Mobile Money Machine

During the past decade, the total value of money sent by migrant workers to their countries of origin has increased steadily. The World Bank and GSM Association estimate that in 2006 alone, approximately $250 billion was remitted globally. These transactions involved 200 million migrant workers, and the figures are increasing by approximately 30 percent per year. For some countries, these remittances exceed both direct foreign investment and… Continue

Added by GenePhillips on April 17, 2008 at 12:30am — 2 Comments

M-Commerce In North America


Mention mobile commerce in North America, and the common response is a roll of the eyes. It’s not hard to guess why.

Back in the heady days of the Internet dot-com bubble, mobile commerce was one of the many buzz words connected with e-commerce whose promise failed to materialize because the hype was premature.

Today’s landscape is much different.… Continue

Added by GenePhillips on April 12, 2008 at 10:26am — No Comments

Mobile Barcodes Makes Purchasing Goods Easy

Mobile Barcodes

More Details: Mobile barcodes are on the verge of becoming a global phenomenon, but what exactly are they, what do they do, and for whom?

We became familiar with the original, linear barcodes (or 1D), from our supermarket shopping in the 1980’s (although the technology was patented in the 1950’s).

They comprise a series of vertical black… Continue

Added by GenePhillips on April 9, 2008 at 4:00pm — 5 Comments

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