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Introducing: The Lovelink Project


This is a great nonprofit with a long distinguished international history. Founded in New York in 1985. Now we have an APEC related event happening in Honolulu between the Nov 7 and 13 but our website is not up. Domain name suite is secure.


I have to set up a WP website quick to promote this important art for peace and nonviolence initiative. 

We need volunteer WP web help NOW.



The Lovelink Project is soliciting resources now for the project so we need a better web presence.

A one page profile of Lovelink can be seen at:  MichaelDalyArtist/TheLovelinkProject

The APEC project is developing and may be neutral or leaning toward opposed to APEC -not sure yet.


Nevertheless our happening is pro-active as it is important


Potential! I hope this kick starts a renewal of these global projects and puts Lovelink on the map. This is a great project to be part of especially that it has good funding appeal.

Please contact me:


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Just by co-incidence I recently learned of a Maui developer who is offering web dev grants. It requires partial payment however they have a stellar client list and might be able to assist you:


Otherwise the fastest route might be to set up a free blog at, and for a small annual fee you can point your purchased web domain to it.  Good luck!

Ok thank you Roxanne. We have our domain names. I have some experience with WP and love to present the children and community art in a clean theme. Anyway, I am getting to the point of having to allow others to take the reigns (is that the right spelling?)  I will checkout the Maui group. Mahalo



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