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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. I think that in many (but not necessarily all) of the "flipped classroom" formats, it can be difficult to learn because it is hard to ask questions when they arise.

2. I am not entirely sure how I would change it myself, but sometimes I feel as if the progression of courses could be improved in the computer science degree path. I have found that some of what I have learned in my more recent classes would have been fundamentally helpful in the more introductory courses.

3. I think consistency could also be improved upon in the UH ICS program. For example, I feel like the software that we are required to acquire could be kept more consistent across courses. I understand that there would be exceptions though for specific electives. 

I am a Computer Engineer, and here is 1 bad thing about being in the department:

1. CENG is limited with a small amount of technical electives.

1. Learning and getting help with ICS related problems can be overwhelming when first learning, so forcing students to work in groups early on and helping them gain other peers they feel comfortable talking to. 

2. Offer more classes at a lower level so students can explore the different areas of ICS early on and pinpoint what they want to work with. 

3. Flipped classrooms can be hard to grasp new concepts since it's not very common with lower level classes. So maybe create an easier transition or create different ways to effectively teach the basics of coding through online methods. 

The three ways that I think the UH ICS program could improve are:

  1. ICS 222 is needed for my focus, but it has so little support that when I signed up for it on star, the Instructor name changed twice, and now it is being taught by a math professor. Either remove 222 or merge it with another department.
  2. More options for WI credits within or around the ICS program.
  3. More computer areas for labs. At this point, a classroom filled with tables with outlets connected would suffice.

The things I am talking about have already been mentioned but here is my list

1. A lot of the classes are extremely time consuming, that is to be expected because computer science just takes time to learn.

2. there should be a working lab or lounge for ics students like other departments have that is open nearly 24 hours.

3. It would be great if the ics department required an internship course to graduate, that way it would help everyone establish some experience in the real job world and thus be more likely to land a good job after graduation.

1. I think that proofs start to become more important in later courses such as 311, but in previous courses, where my professor said we were supposed to learn them, we just briefly went over them, so I had to spend a lot of time learning how to do them.

2. Some classes are just not available for a semester and if they are, then can have late time slots.

3. The flipped classroom wasn't common in lower level courses and was sort of difficult to adjust to as they started to become more prevalent.

1. The required graduation path includes too many classes that are out of scope for an ICS student. 

2. No real common work space area for only ICS students.

3. N/A

  1. Remembering to adhere to ergonomics, good sleep, and other self-care best practices can be challenging, especially when stuck on or drawn into a project / problem for extended periods of time.
  2. Effectively budgeting time toward planning vs. implementation can be difficult. In some projects, starting implementation too early has later required reworking of large chunks of code, whereas, in some others, over-allocated time to design has ultimately costed quality in the final product(s) when under time constraints.
  3. The existence of several correct ways to fulfill functionalities can tempt “over-fixing” of assignments / projects when small improvements are possible. Sometimes, a large amount of time potentially used for a relatively small / trite improvement is better spent on other tasks. would be nice yjay  ICS student  have a nice study place.

2.Sinec the major is hard, i think it would be better to gove more support to ICS students.

3. The cost for textbook and eqiopment is way too expensive for some of the student that can't affort that much. 

1. The amount of labor/energy taking ICS classes, but expect to challenge yourself (depending on one's learning curve).

2. More (convenient) time slots for ICS classes, especially for ones in high demand

3. Provide a bit further/simplified explanation of classes offered



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