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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. Better class availability. It seems like many students have issues with classes running late.

2. The amount of work needed to be done can sometime affect my performance in other classes. This is especially true towards the end of the semester.

3. It would be nice if there were tutors outside of class.

I'm a computer engineering so I can't really comment on the ICS curriculum.  But from my general experience as a UH student:

1)  I've had a lot of issues with scheduling labs when taking 2-3 per semester.  Not only do certain times overlap with other labs, but there are issues with them overlapping with necessary classes as well.  If TA's were interested and willing, I think it would be great to have a time slot be on a weekend.  This would help students whose weekdays are overcrowded.

2)  Professors being more open to questions.  It's happened countless times where a professor says "please ask questions" at the beginning of the semester, but provide lackluster answers or don't bother answering at all.  When the professor isn't open to answering questions with enthusiasm, I feel like it dampens the learning environment.  

3)  Providing the actual computer engineering equivalent of our required classes would also be great.  This is in reference to EE 467 which is equivalent to ICS 314.  If the computer engineering program provided the course, we wouldn't flood ICS courses taking seats away from ICS students.  It seems like the courses already fill up quickly, and this just makes the situation worse.

1. The classes fill up very quickly. As a student transferring from KCC, I couldn't get into the 314 class that was offered earlier in the day because I wasn't allowed to register for it until the end of November. I'm glad that another 314 class was added for those who couldn't get into the earlier class!

2. As mentioned by many other students, the fact that some classes are offered only once a year sometimes makes it difficult to progress. 

3. From my previous ICS classes, I've learned that homework for ICS can get incredibly time consuming.  

1. Reducing or removing the language courses graduation requirement could allow students to learn more in-depth ICS subjects and ideas.

2. Classes are sometimes hard to get into and have to be taken at a later semester.

3. Students don't need to take any project based classes. Examples of such classes from engineering include ME481 and EEx96.

1) As others have probably said, I believe that there should be more classes offered so that there won't be overcrowding, plus more options and flexibility to students needing to take classes that get filled up quickly.

2) For the BS degree specifically, I don't think that there should be that much emphasis on physical sciences (biology, physics, chemistry) because although they help in forming a student's critical thinking process, they end up taking too much time to complete, time that could've been spent toward better understanding of computer science.

3) I think there should be more forced one-on-one time with professors or TA's in class. This ultimately would help students expand their technical vocabulary when seeking help and also their social skills in a work-type environment. Most students (ICS students specifically) are too shy to voluntarily ask for help, so having mandatory face-to-face time with an authority figure would be beneficial.

1. UH should have a computer lab with necessary software for Computer Engineering and ICS students to utilize.

2. There should be more frequent workshops that teach skills and concepts not usually taught in courses. Series of workshops that build upon one skill. 

3. Internship as part of the curriculum which help students gain professional experience in their field.

I am a Computer Engineer and ICS 314 is my first ICS class. Three bad things about being ICS/CE:

  • Having to spend a lot of time programming and juggling the work load of other classes.
  • (As CE) EE/CE professors having dated knowledge.
  • Getting stuck debugging late at night without anyone to get help/advice from.

1. I do wish there were more courses that satisfied the UH general education requirements.  I personally would like a history of computers class, though I know it isn't as long of a historical time period as say the development of the Middle East.

2. I also agree with Reyn that the language requirement is something to point out.  As I understand it, engineering majors do not have the same language requirement, mainly because of the course load.  However, in my perspective, ICS is just as challenging as engineering, and the language requirement should be if anything equal across the board.

3. I believe we should have peer office hours where those more experienced and have taken say the lower level classes are available to help underclassmen.

1. Coming from the Computer Engineering department, I do wish certain ICS courses were offered more consistently for students who express interests in the classes, similarly to how it is done in our department where certain courses are offered at least once every two semesters. 

2. The language requirement in the ICS program was what initially dissuaded me from pursuing the major, ultimately leading to my choice of majoring in Computer Engineering. 

3. From what I know of the ICS program, there aren't any large major projects that are available that can give you a scope similar to that of working in the industry, compared to the EE/CE departments that require you to do a major project or research every year as a requirement to graduate. 

1) Need more ICS courses that have the requirements of Oral Communication and Ethical Issues. Students might interest to ICS classes that have Oral or Ethical. Because taking one of those classes can meet both the focus requirement and ICS requirement, and also it is a great opportunity to learn how is the focus requirement can be relative to ICS classes.

2) Class registration is tense, especially ICS 311 and ICS 314. I transferred from KCC last semester, but I didn't get register the main ICS 300 courses. These 300 courses are prerequisites for other high-level classes. If those classes don't take as early as possible, other classes might be delaying or having difficulty learning other high-level ICS classes.

3) ICS courses need more time to study than other courses. Some assignments in the ICS courses need to spend more time to do, and other courses might have less time to study. 

1.Little to no warning about course requirement changes

2.Too many required courses only offered at night

3.Not enough room in required classes

1. I personally found taking discrete math classes online is a lot effective than taking it in class. The fact that these classes cover a broad range of topics but didn't go in depth on each on them, make discrete math classes not necessarily difficult but a lot new concept for students to take in. Therefore, the key to success in these classes is to clearly understand every basic concept, otherwise it will take away hours of unnecessary study time from students. Online tutorials helps in this process, it makes studying personal that students could rewind and rewatch any important podcast when needed. Therefore I suggest more online tutorials to be provided even for classes that is not online, or open up more online classes.

2. I agree with the comments from others that suggested internship courses. Not only that will provide working opportunities for students while earning their credits, it also opens up opportunities for international students like myself, since we have a lot limitations on working options such as not being able to work off campus, and not being able to work for security related government institution.

3. When subjects get challenging, and for students who are on a steep learning curving trying to catch up, they sometimes sacrifice proper physical activities and sleeps. Therefore, time management is essential for this major.



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