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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1) As a grad student, I appreciate the opportunity to be a TA for ICS.

2) The faculty are generally friendly, so it's a good environment for both work and study.

3) The structure provided by classes is a great benefit to learning computer science.  While I could learn the same material on my own with a couple good books, I find it's a lot easier, faster, and more pleasant to learn through a class instead.

1- Preparing you to be successful in the real-world

2- Learning many different types of programming languages

3- Professors and ICS advisor (Gerald Lau) are helpful and seem to care about the success of their students

1: The people in the ICS Department, both faculty and students, are excellent people to work with.  I might be a bit biased since I am after all an ICS student myself, but I think that ICS has a sense of camaraderie that is not present in some other departments.  If I have to ask for help on something, even if it is not related to ICS, then I will usually ask someone in ICS for help. 


2: Though this contradicts my statement in the "Three bad things" discussion, the ICS Department does offer a wide variety of courses that show us the incredible breadth of knowledge that is contained in our field.  Without these other classes, I never would have known that ICS involved anything beyond typing up code.


3: Some of the higher-level classes have projects that we work on for much of the semester.  While these projects can be frustrating or challenging at times, especially when frantic last-minute coordinating with other group members is necessary, projects provide us with useful experience for when we will eventually have to work with other people as part of our jobs.  Being able to include class projects in my portfolio is another benefit, of course. 

1. Small classes (compared to some majors) which provide for more in class interaction with familiar faces throughout the program.


2. Having access to MSDNAA for useful Microsoft software for free (or low charge for physical copy).


3. Great professors (with some exceptions...).

- That the course schedule allows for a four-day work week, more time for
jobs/coding/relaxation time.
- That the Professors encourage learning a diverse amount of programming
languages and environments, I've known people taking classes in the
mainland that didn't have to touch anything other than Java, whereas
our curriculum encourages things like learning LaTeX, Lisp and editors
like vi and Emacs.
- Opportunities to interact with students outside of class. I was invited
to a Greyhat hike at Maunawilli and it allowed me to network with
my classmates in an environment that didn't involve staring at screens.

1. Free software form MSDN. It is an invaluable resource that allows me to explore tools I couldn't otherwise afford.

2. Most the professors and faculty are very helpful and willing to work with students outside of class and go the extra mile.

3. Access to job opportunities through the ICS mailing list. I think this will prove to be very beneficial after graduation when I pursuit a full-time job.

Three things that the UH ICS program provides for its students include:


- Access to a plethora of activities, such as the UH GreyHats to expand our professional and academic experience.

- Distinguished, knowledgeable, and (most importantly) helpful faculty with real-world experience.

- An interested and involved department head, who takes time to assist and work with students.

  1. Free software via MSDNAA. Great source for ICS students and faculty to download softwares that perhaps will be useful in our future careers. 
  2. Tons of internships and jobs opportunities via the ICS mailing list. 
  3. Professors push you to work harder and become a great professional when students graduated. 


1)ICS offers ICS313 which at least introduces students to Lisp (4-5 weeks of coverage), which many other schools fail to do. 
2)ICS offers ICS314/ICS613, which looks like a solid software engineering course and teaches iterative development as opposed to waterfall development
3)professors focused on teaching and not just their own research

1. The techniques gained from working with industry professionals

2. Learning several programming languages

3. Access to free software via msdn

  1. Having a program coordinator that is involved with students (Gerald).
  2. Professors that are able to teach a class well, compared to a professor that is knowledgeable but are not able to explain concepts to students.
  3. MSDN academic alliance allows students to use Microsoft tools that are prevalent in the workplace for little or no cost.

1. The software provided through the MSDN program is something that I am really thankful for. I was able to upgrade both my laptop and desktop to windows 7, which has done wonders. There's also a treasure trove of other IDEs and whatnot that you can experiment with as well.


2. There's always emails coming from Gerald about internships, job positions and whatnot. I feel that it's really helpful to aspiring ICS students that want to get some real-life experience before deciding that this is the thing they want to do as a career.



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