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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1) The great thing that the UH ICS program offers us is how to access a wide variety of knowledge and problems.

2) The UH ICS program has a very good class atmosphere.

3) The curriculum of the UH ICS program is pretty good. It's great to be able to build your overall knowledge of computer science.

1. So far from all the UH ICS courses I've taken, all the professors and TA's have been very supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable. They are willing to help whenever someone has a question and are understandable with situations students might be struggling with. 

2. I think that being a student in the ICS program at UH gives you so many resources to succeed. Not only there are the professors and TA's who help you, but there are also the clubs. There is the Grey Hats club for those who are interested in cybersecurity, and PANDA which helps those who are taking ICS 311.

3. I think they're a lot of great courses that we can take in the ICS department. There are a variety of topics that seem very appealing to take at UH. Courses such as data science, cybersecurity, AI, software engineering, and even smaller topics such as app or web design.  

1. Most of the professors and TAs are very friendly and willing to help students learn and grow. They are very good at teaching and problem solving and are also very assessable outside of class hours.

2. There are many clubs and events that help students learn and connect with other students in related majors outside of their classes. It helps add some variety in how students learn computer science topics and they get to learn about other fields too.

3. The ICS department provides a lot of resources that help students find and secure jobs in their related fields. 

1. The ICS teachers and faculty are very friendly and helpful. When you have trouble doing an assignment, they make it easy for you to ask for help if you do not understand.

2. The amount of opportunities they email us about. This is including jobs, internships, workshops, etc. 

3. The ICS curriculum is very broad. These classes will prepare you for the outside world no matter what field you go into for computer science. 

1. Having access to tools and environments that I may have not known to use or purchase.

2. Having teachers/advisors who really want to work with you and help you get to where you want to be.

3. Having a school/program who can navigate teaching people during these times. 

1. Being in a field related to technology is useful in an age where everyone uses and is dependant on technology

2. ICS is a newer field of study relative to many others so there's much room to discover and build new things

3. Just looking at today's climate with covid. ICS is just easier compared to some other classes to work online in my opinion.

1. Free tutoring through programs such as the Learning Emporium and Open Lab.

2. Connections with a wide range of local employers.

3. Extensive curriculum that challenges students to become skilled problem solvers.

1. Internet resources. There are a lot of resources available online to help ICS students learn. Things like freecodecamp and geeks for geeks. There are countless numbers of videos to helps students understand a certain subject.

2. ICS teaches you how to self-study. One good thing that ICS does is it teaches the student how to be an adequate self-learner and problem solver which is a very important and useful skill not only for computer science but also for other classes. 

3. ICS also provides you with many emails of internships and job opportunities. 

1. The TA's for the ICS classes are very helpful and willing to set aside time and effort to help those who need it.

2. While not all may agree, I think that the reverse classroom for some ICS courses really push students to do their best. It allows for students to rewind and re-watch video lectures in case they may not catch it the first time. It also sets aside more time in class for students to ask questions and for the professors to be elaborate in their answers.

3. The introduction of students to software or websites that they may have otherwise not known. I came into this major with little to no background because I originally had planned to major in something else. However, coming into this major has helped me a lot not only now, but for the future because of the plethora of resources I am able to utilize.

1. Supporting student organizations.

2. Providing great research opportunities for its students 

3. Great advising to help you reach your goals. 

1. The resources available for us to use, such as the library for a place to study, the computer labs to use, and the amounts of software.

2. The professors and TAs that are willing to help the students learn.

3. The emails sent out informing us about jobs and projects that are looking for people.

  1. The courses allow students to gain a great deal of hands on experience that aid other modes of learning. This includes team collaboration, assignments and projects that ICS graduates would encounter in their professional careers, and developing a professional persona.
  2. The UH ICS program regularly encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to steer them towards success. Students receive frequent emails regarding career fairs, internships, and current events that further educate us about the field.
  3. Students have access to free software from Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance. This is extremely beneficial for students, especially for those of us who are financially stressed.



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