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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. The community of people who give great ideas on my home computer/server setup. Whether it's how to setup port forwarding for a game server to tips on improving my Workstation Deployment Server for work, the people here help because they love the subject. 

2. The in depth study into how computers work. From the bit-level view on computation in ICS 222 thru the formal logic in ICS' 141 & 241.

3. The troubleshooting experience, while frustrating at times, is incredibly rewarding. Staring a lines of code wondering, "Why isn't this list linking?" only to find out the objects I was making didn't have any children, having my code print out "test1" and "test2" etc at various points, or deleting features and running the thing piece by piece, solving problems is fun.

1. There are many people who share a similar schedule so you might find help available at any time.

2. You can really apply what you learned immediately, and see the result, like feeling the Run-time of the Sudoku Algorithm differs between different sized Sudoku, and the rapid shrinking disk space due to bug in your own code.

1. Great atmosphere of professors who love what they do and share their passion for Computer Science.

2. The amount of information and experiences you take from the classes and apply them to research projects.

3. The broadness of the subject allows students to go outside to other disciplines and apply knowledge like logic that is learned in discrete math to a class like philosophy.

1. Gerald is a great advisor and his emails offer us students many career and internship opportunities and generally informing us of events that may interest us. 

2. ACM is a great club that allows students to make connections and offers us a way to learn more about cybersecurity, game development, and algorithms. 

3. I think that it’s great that the ICS program is encouraging students to invest some time in developing their professional identity to better set us up for the future. 

Unfortunately, I am not in the ICS program, but if I were to think of three things that are good about being in ICS program it would be

1. Access to clubs such as Greyhats and ACM along with ICS lounge.

2. Being able to use UH unix for creating and compiling code.

3. Since most ICS courses I have taken so far cannot be passed with a grade below a B, there is a higher standard to which they are held in comparison to other majors.

3  great provisions by the UH ICS Program are: 

(1) Good professors

(2) Access to licensed academic software, and other such resources that are exclusive to UH students. 

(3) Networking opportunities that also allow you to gain skills and at the same time meet new and interesting people. 

1. An opportunity to network with people in your profession, namely the academic groups such as ACM

2. Class curriculum involves building up things that can help you throughout your career, not just your class (professional persona)

3. Building skills other than just programming, such as communication skills and essay writing.

As a computer engineer major, I do not know too much about the UH ICS program but here is what I've seen so far: 

  1. The professors are enthusiastic and want to help their students. I've noticed the professors are trying to help their students receive an A in their classes. They provide a lot of material and a schedule in how to achieve an A. 
  2. In going through the first week of ICS 314, the professor made assignments geared toward improving our professional portfolio. I haven't worked on the professional profile that much but through this class I can build it up and hopefully get job offers in the future. 
  3. ICS program provides classes that are geared to improving my skills for the future. I am taking multiple ICS course and in all of them I am learning useful skills to help me work towards the career I want. 


The ICS program offers clubs such as ACM and SWITCH (Supporting Women in Information Technology and Computing in Hawaii) in which they help students connect with companies, network with other students, and offers help for ICS classes.  


The advisors are very helpful when it comes to discussing the classes you should take to keep on track for graduation. They keep it very straight forward and they are able to give advice on which classes you should take when so you don't have a stressful semester. 

Study/Social Areas 

Since the ICSpace is open 24/7 it is a good place to go to either study, relax and make friends. You are able to connect with people who are further along in the major and they can give advice on the classes you should take and which professors are the best!

1. There are several groups in ACM that focuses on a certain subject that will help you improve your skills, such as algorithm and cyber security. Moreover, all skills are welcome to join the club, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, they are willing to help you.

2. The professors and students are very optimistic about teaching and helping you improve your skills as a computer science student. There are also times where students in ACM bring in experts in the computer science field working in Google or Microsoft to give presentations and advices on interviews and resumes. They really encourage students to join all the events and take all the knowledge that is required to make us successful later on.

3. There are tutoring available at the computer lab at the POST building for students needing help on certain assignments. There is also a learning assistant available at the learning emporium for ICS 141, 241 and such, which are very helpful for students needing more extra help other than the professors if they are not available.

1. Peers of all levels are very willing and open to provide help

2. Lots of access to things like the Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 10, etc which allows everyone to get the full learning experience

3. The ACM club is very diverse and allows students to learn very important skills in their field of interest.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1.) The ability to network. Not just with fellow classmates but with professors that are working in the field studying relevant and interesting research.

2.) Its located in Hawaii could it be much more beautiful. This offers a good contrast to the coding and homework assignments that need to be completed.

Three good things about being an ICS student:

1.) ICS students are taught to be versatile. When working on a design for a product, website, or other goals, requirements can often change. By being in ICS students are prepared for the shifting requirements by the constant push and pull of deadlines for assignments and workload being adjusted up or down depending on what needs to be accomplished.

2.) ICS students are object oriented. As an ICS student you are taught to figure out the object(ive) or goal and how to best meet that objective in the time frame allotted. By staying focused on what needs to be done objectives can divided into categories of what needs to be completed based off their priority and the objectives impending deadline.

3.) ICS students need to be able to learn quickly. With Computer Science being a more recent addition to the science community, Computer Science is still trying to define itself. With this uncertainty students need to be able to learn the newly budding information and how it fits into the field. The shifting of the field can also have an impact on their position after being hired. Being hired isn’t the conclusion of learning but rather the beginning of working and getting paid to learn new and relevant skills.



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