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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. There are many helpful student clubs and events. They provide opportunities to meet professionals and get hands-on experience.
2. Many faculties are really care about students and support their success.
3. Plenty of opportunities await for students after graduation.

1) Being an ICS student allows you to connect with really smart people who have respectable credentials within the technology business. This is extremely important when you're trying to get a job.

2) The higher levels of the ICS program (300-400+ level courses) incorporate projects that help improve your profile. 

3) Some classes are involved online so that way you can learn at your own pace. 

1. Networking with professionals and peers who are knowledgeable in this field

2. Free access to software and other costly resources

3. Guided learning and support opportunities

3 good things about being an ICS student:

  1. The people are nice and seem to be willing to help.
  2. Learning a lot of different skillsets.
  3. It’s refreshing not taking yet another EE course for once (diversity in my class schedule)

1. Many programming courses encourage teamwork

2. Most ICS courses provide free online resources (books, videos, etc.)

3. Many classes have TAs which makes it easier to get help, especially when stuck on a coding problem

  1. A wide variety of classes that supplement certain interests students have in the computer science field.
  2. A meeting area for ICS students to collaborate and help each other with problems they are having with classes.
  3. Clubs and events that help students network with tech companies or other students.

1) There are many different clubs that ICS students can join if they are interested in the subject and gain more experience.

2) Learning to be a better developer.

3) Most of the work is done on a computer. You don't really need any other equipment to learn.

Good things about being are:

1. making connections with the other UH ICS students, and professors,

2. learning skills such as web development and coding that will be very important in the future.

3. having access to a lot of resources

The three good things I think about being an ICS student are:

1. A lot of jobs seek out people that can code.

2. The skills you learn look good on your resume.

3. The ICS classes teaches you different ways to break down difficult problems.

1. Being a ics student is able to learn the software efficiently.

2. Student are able to get more correct information on how to programming.

3. Can work with classmate and get more familiar with working as a team.

1. There's a high demand in computer science-related jobs, so there are is an abundance of job opportunities 

2. Coding develops and enhances problem-solving skills.

3. Many classes encourage students to work in teams to work more efficiently.

1. Learning- As ICS students,we are able to pursue our passions and become better people by learning new and innovative concepts and improving our skills. For someone like me, this means I look forward to the task and have fun doing it.

2. Networking- As ICS students, we get to talk and meet new people everyday that share our passion. This makes the experience worthwhile because we are setting up a network for the future.

3. I am never bored and it always gives me something to do



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